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Ever Try Cat Pee Candy?

My daughter Julia said to me, "Hey, wanna try some Cat Pee Candy?" After being a little hesitant for a few seconds, I gave it a try. First, I had no idea where she got it. Maybe it's better not to ask. She said, "You have to smell it first." which I did and yeah it smells like cat pee. She said I...
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Four Bucks is Four Bucks

It's now official...I'm a senior citizen. It seemed not long ago I would be carded in bars but those days are gone. I was in the supermarket on Tuesday and in the check out line, the girl asked me if I was 55 or older. I wasn't even thinking straight (that's what old people do), so I told her yes...
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Welcome Back Jessie!

We welcomed Jessie back this morning returning from maternity leave. The stories about Baby Charlie are great. We're learning what it's like to be a first time Mom, working around the baby's schedule and leaving your baby at daycare for the first time to come back to work. Congratulations to Jessie...
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