Doc Jessie Freddie Home Depot

DOC SHOW AUDIO: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Instead of paying 50 cents for every wood cut at her local "home improvement" store, Jessie noticed another man slip the lumber guy $5.00 and he wasn't charged for the cuts. She tried the same thing. The lumber guy thanked her for the money but still charged her. Where did she go wrong? Freddie...
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AUDIO: No Handymen in Jessie's Life

It's been a bad week at Jessie's house with home repairs piling up. She's sees that her huband is about as handy at fixing things as Doc & Freddie. The Handyman gene has passed by all three of them.
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AUDIO: Freddie Buys His First Power Tool

Freddie was all excited to let us know that he was at Home Depot on Sunday and for the first time ever, he bought a power tool. He was a little embarrassed to ask for help so Jessie explained to him how to use it.
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