Michael D. White

Nights 7pm-12am

Born and raised in Nepa I grew up listening to and loving the radio. When I was a kid I wanted to be about a million different thing from a nascar driver to a fighter pilot(I watched a lot of Tom Cruise movies as a child) but I always loved to record myself into a tape recorder as a kid pretending to be a DJ, I never thought I’d actually get paid to talk about music for a living one day!

I got my start in radio back in 2012 at Froggy 101 as an intern and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since! After some desperation from the big boss man I finally made it on air down the hall at our sister station KRZ, after a few years grinding down there on the weekends I finally made it to prime time baby, 7-midnight every weeknight right here on Froggy101! 

When I’m not on the radio you can probably find me at a bar with my buddies, or at home binge watching 80s sitcoms and professional wrestling.