Wednesday, August 30th

Crockett never fails to have a wild story, and this one's no different!   What was making so much noise so last at night in front of his house?   Listen and find out! 


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And needs another market story from one person that can be making a mountain it's. I'm probably 101 I saw last night and I could have went. Up four runs. I did run in for a while not steeped in my diet up last night I ran about three miles in a halfway through mile one and a half. I got a terrible cramps in my side. Not could stop but I I told myself you're gonna finish this mile. So I ran through the pain. And I'm firing and the worst they've got a menu was getting back because I did tell I was running funny like if you drove by me it would look like zombies. Voters and I was running but I ran through I got home by the time I got home. I was just so much pain I collapsed. On the porch Elton Brand it's about midnight but I claps on the porch. And it was hurt so bad every comic took a breath then. If Philly so was stabbing me with a knife no my neighbor sleep but the concluded that windows open and their bedroom is right next to my ports every time. I bring her brief that I let. I said all humble and there and I'm I'm really in heavy amounts less on who and I realize is that almighty god. They're gonna think someone's being murdered on my front porch and I got there and try to get out a year but it hurt so bad. So I I limped across the shootings. At an illegal my card. Well you know my collarbone girl. And I thought. Did you think someone just got murdered and then got moved over time it's hit my car. So instead of just laying on my car no I just hobbled down the Sri go to. The price and look like zombies. Invite 1201. It looked like zombies were taking over unless pitched in the way out is shuffling down the street moaning. What a disaster on surprise no one came to pointed it to put me down. So rocket live weekdays Monday through Friday from two to 7 PM Friday 101.