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Tuesday, February 6th


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Nadia likes truth Crockett. Exclusively on Friday 101 that town. Right while since I've done any kind of podcasting our audio extras but. Right down smog is your beat by the write downs I don't forget some funny stories of five. Stewart some of these that it happened Timmy and I got a few of them and become an out with a lot of people wanna hear the whole story about. I recently got staples in my head. After I think he'll be problem. Underdog by that one another one I'm gonna talk about is how my mom used to punish me as a kid because. TV not go to my friend tells none of that worked with you but there was one thing it was Kryptonite. To little Crockett but that's not or tuchman either today we are talking about the WWT. At. What is the WW. TF. The Demi ATF. Tabled. Any paint a picture let me take you back to a believed to gals in and Latin 2001. It was a fortune doesn't wanna had to be like the year 2000. My bloody. A best friend at a time his name is Cody boy he lived a couple blocks away from me he had a trampoline now. Back at 2000 wrestling pro wrestling at WW left now is WWB. Was the big thing. And we couldn't get enough of it and we decide that we were gonna start our own. Wrestling federation we are gonna start the WWT. So her what on earth does WW TF stamp for well it was the a lot of it was the Williams now Ike's eye groping in the a little small town was critical queen's counsel was the Williamstown wrestling. Trampoline federation that WW TF for short with a lot of he put a lot of thought the name we are now you're the finding. We had paper views AJ it was always we had 45 shows that we videotaped my parents camera. And I'll and they were very hard to do because. Before we drive everybody lived around town the people that overall an arc wrestling federation we all lived all over the place so. Getting permission to leave the house on the weekend. Getting a ride not having sports or activities rankings are geared to get there. Was always difficult or we did we would have any wrestling pay per view and it was awful and avoiding is that. The waves are wrestling trampoline federation only had a two shows with the trampoline. And now we ditched a trampoline completely just got rid of it so we we didn't bother to change the name we. We ain't changed it ain't anything else like that but leaves town backyard wrestling and he just left the trampoline in there. How we just never said what they need to be TF was but we tried to follow story let's we tried. Our hardest to be professional especially as we got a leader in the because you better believe we kept this all the way up. Until. My senior year of high school. So I junior year was our last show and I still had videotapes of the WW TF in my house somewhere. I've got a couple of my thought about trying to put them to YouTube trying to figure out how to get it from VHS. To the Internet but they just they do exist are still have them. That said that it ATF. We we tried all sorts of things but. What's he got older we could all drive I got a little easier to have backyard wrestling than yours truly I originally came now as. COLT don't know what my original wrestling name. Was. HFK high flying kid and the big story line was I was wrestle and hell raiser whose name was Barry boys we'll talk about him a little bit that the whole story here for walls around Barry boys. But I was high flying kid but we are big angle him and I we would always go head to head in that main event. And we decided that. I was going to it to have a retirement match she was a retirement match a loser had to leave the WW TF forever. There's no way the good guy the high flying kid could possibly lead to Debbie Debbie Kiev. And I lost and I'll I'll laws had. Well I was at night shall we did a wrestling show at night time and we thought it was great it was terrible because there's no light secrecy was just pretty much. Listening to our wrestling commentator. Announced a match in the dark but I lost. English I'm trying to remember that night show what we call we don't get one night shell. But I lost cameras and lost I was retiring but the angle as I was coming back I was cutting back on her new moniker in the name. I came back as coal Terrelle. And it was funny enough. Buried voice the hell raiser as the guiding gave the name remember who wants to hallway when Barry nights you know the idea and disappearing idea and you need beam I mean main fig about one. As I was walking to class you'll COLT Correll. As awake as your colts around stuck with that. I was pretty much just occurred angle ripoff I was a ripple of one of the popular wrestler I was an American hero. And I echo throw blame all the way until my junior won't got twelve lash shall. Now Barry Boyce help raise the whole reason story came my mind was so bad boys. Oil was quite the character very voice. But held back a couple times and eventually I held back to bite graduating class that was supposed to graduate a year to for me. He got held back Barry boys ray with a questionable crowd but somehow. It Barry boys love pro wrestling more than anybody else in the world so I'm very boys found out we had a wrestling federation he wanted. Ian. Are right you can be it we need we need bodies anyway to fill the car up. So Barry joined the WW TF and he was a staple heal and he was hysterically as funny. And I tell you this story is Noelle lie is no fabrication of the truth here. Very bois. Who who we we decided far lash had to be a big one we have to try and make a wrestling ring with a make or break. How we make arraigned. Or seventeen years old we have no income we have no money to make a ring. Barry boy stole his parents mattress from their house. He succumb Al Sweden get my parents king sized mattress. And we like Barry Japan is mad at ease I don't care piece of the get a new one. And I KG not Barry and his brother Derek dragged his parents' bed. Half way across town. To the backyard. His dad was furious at my dad's gonna kill me. I don't care we need a ring you're right that's the big shell and we rule in the bed we destroyed it rained the next that overnight it we ruined ruined his parents mattress. The bed was waterlogged it was destroyed and we did camp because we had. We truly had the greatest show plane it was going to be. It was going to be the greatest spectacle we had all of we had the school commonly believed we spread the word so much we were actually gonna have a crop because before. How hard travelers we had a boom box but done. Let's crowd cheering some affect the kind of place and we thought mainly to fool people into thinking that there was a crowd that was is the boom boxes. Very stupid anyway we are all excited nested the next day we got back so we always on my boys mons backyard she hated it. She called the oasis we do the pave view we just leads back related bag and that's completely garbage it look like a Boller governor backyard. They had offense one time a big one offense and we went through offensively broke the fence in half. She at a big table we broker table and have while we destroyed so anyway we set up we were already sick Staley got a John's house. And I asked Burris the man went to Paris is arming in my prayers amnesties if it's as big as they slept on the floor arm in big trouble it's all right though. Now. We had our big send off shows like show pretty decent sized crowd in about I said the whole school we had about ten people show. And we wrestled it from about ten people in the pouring rain and it was the greatest shell of the WW TF. He went out. And power bomb buried a hell raiser on to a trash can arrested charged and a split his hand open and gave his bleed pretty good and start wiping us face to make you'll undertaking that is based. Well as a disaster but. I think I still had to show till. We and a latter match we had we thought it was the greatest show of all time great spectacle that was when the comedian that was a that need to be TS. Lash shall now. The story continues. Because all about an hour away there was another school called Saint Mary's. It Saint Mary's there is a kid that went to Saint Mary's any transfer into our school and he was part of wrestling trampoline federation. And they actually did weekly shows they they were for backyard wrestling. People they were they were serious they add weekly shows they taped them. They like the first people I knew I knew how to upload videos to the Internet sleep upload their shows the beautiful roster they storyline it was incredible main paper views. The parents must just dump money too because they connected the rain to the port was pretty neat it was legit and entrance way Jerry think. And they call one of the WW TF and they Ximian. We want you crock we want you to be our. We want it make it seem like Debbie Debbie TF got bought out by us so we want you to be in new commissioner. I was all you know solid saying it was perfect. On to be the evil commissioner of this new wrestling federation so he asked me for my pictures like uploaded to the website did the story lines already everybody was pumped. Jason when your seventeen you have no income and the weekly wrestling show is an hour away. Guess isn't cheap for a a kid like me so I just started I just stopped answering their phone calls and never showed up. Pack back at that Gary Blaise disappointment the evil commissioner never showed up. And I never had its name because my dad then broke in as you're moving to Pennsylvania. The dividend ETF died. I don't I think I may have an out as champion analyze champion of the WW. TF flies. But one day I try I I'm gonna try soon to get those videos uploaded. In fact they even thought about if I do upload these videos may be editing them re editing them and trying to put graphics into it and maybe even doing some. Over and up over a voice over and announcing them but I promise the videos exist I don't want all of the videos in fact. We may be on the WW TF hardest hits. And when I was in high school and stay in the video editing a rule basically you ending 20022003. So technology was not readily available is very hard to do video editing and I had. I spent all my birthday money to buy this little video editing software was in 300 dollars. My parents thought I was nuts and really all you could do was upload your movie. Into the computer and then just cut and spliced together and get a dvd burn you burned to a dvd which we did and it TV deeper to. So I swipe Stallworth takes the gather I put it to music and it got a lot of traction in the school a lot of people want to see these. Rule WW TV. In cool vibe from remember. And I let the hell raiser borrow it. Any lost it I never got I never made a second copy and it disappeared I always wish they still I don't eat because it's pretty good. But the WW TF. Really pared everything parents mattresses. Since 2003.