Friday, October 28th


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Chicago Cubs that's where it's going to be tonight World Series game number three and on with us Lou Lombardo this morning Sheila WT QX in Chicago media from northeast PA right. I am originally from Strahan a slew is an outlet I was yeah. Hell even we should I've been out here about fifteen years now but grew up comes in my whole life so it's kind of the greatest time ever. I know so let's talk about the excitement of the games tonight in Chicago yet what's the excitement like there. And like nothing I've ever experienced before me you know like one up and it's so new and get emotional and it just talking about your people in world hears you and as well with your but the that he right now as it's got another level even the ball worse around Wrigley of the area called Wrigley belt they're charging like our hundred dollar covered just committed watch all way oh yeah governor to get Peabody include current packages. I remember watching games years ago or do they still have like the bleachers on some of those apartment buildings behind. Some of them you know it at these court ordered up a little bit but the bleachers are experienced and that's one of those things it's all inclusive say bite ticket might cost you like. 25 for regular season game but you're eating and drinking all that. As I was right now it's a little elusive yet another cold fact you know Joseph Maddon is from hazel and. Yes of course I did his first press conference here at the cubby area accurately you know he thought about doing it eagle and weighed by everybody shot and a beer. Nor BC. He has loved him there's a place called to sat down and hazel to his family was just there be for game one watch here this whole place that makes cheese steaks and pizza Anatoly review and places mob scene. He's absolutely block at the same time he cut he you know yet what now. Series but that guy is just been a lot in this this whole theory if the two longest streak in baseball which just makes it. Much more extinct because there are looking just travel really like what I grew up in our PA in Niagara cut it was because we got to be the end of it we can watch all the home games. Governor do you have like turn out but you got to where each game do you have a Jersey or T shirt or something. Yeah of course I have. I have a little rotation going not have the whole wagered in the ultimate sort of underwear trying to fall it is gonna fabrication he shirt you made eagle everywhere in the interpreted a sculpture. Wanted irritation a couple of Joel Madden are in there it is Elena try to out of pocket it is corporate. And it's not now work and it's not you know be on me to go and it changed. I saw that picture I posted she was like is so many decisions Asik and it was cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. And you know what being the company at the ticket agent that could we may never seen it again. Alou wanna thank you in let's go to bass yet current up occupied it a bit when it already sounds good thank you don't buy it.