Unexpected phone call!

Wednesday, June 7th

I received an unexpected phone call today! 


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I jumped or hearing again. It's Crockett rewire its. Love to hear from you can always give me a call 1805701013. And Brennan on the line Brenda what's going on. I have something you might be interested in a I have we're bringing out and I came across five holes pictures out of breath blurred. Grabbed the that are probably I think they're dated 19969798. Do you know who the wrestler is I'll tell you who they are okay. There also and well with Hollywood okay well bill Goldberg OK Kevin Nash. Ole boy collect who has earned wow gold and diamond Dallas page to a Timberlake what on earth did you come up with a these pictures I. I was I'm thinking when my son was being afraid to go into probably twenty years ago thank I'd spot and that's the cool auction and Eric Jackson. Black and white bow our. Lay and. CNN does autographed pictures yet but they're not out of our right I don't know I don't photography by ten nod 32 W photos yes did that play all my goodness what will. Think you'd be entrusted and that. Don't call Hawaii how I want. I want Nelson feared death and see if you would like I would love to have these pictures I'm beyond excited to have home fact that it and thank you felt that. So rocket live weekdays Monday through Friday from two to 7 PM Friday 101.