Today's Best Podcast Ep. 1

Wednesday, March 7th


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Don't know we're gonna find out in general episode. Today's gas podcasts. So for people I don't know. You are waiting for retailers he also has Michael the light I love you I've from the NSA and sold yes tense kind of an on the I able to have the highest pay you know lawyer. We haven't been canceled. Just they were in limbo yellow they would say we're still trying to figure out some episodes were actually trying to figure out how we're doing this right now this is. We have an idea of doing a podcast together. And so here Leo were actually on FaceBook lice and you look at questions of any hasn't. And I am trying to get this up I was not prepared you we didn't really put a lot eyes as we follow a fire into doing a podcast doing a show together. But we didn't do much preparation before him account is locked in here yeah congress are thrown stuff together probably sees now here aren't so. It brings them to the as you put more thought into the Irish together there. It has. You brought you put more thought into the picture without that posts during the FaceBook like is anyone has any or join us yet I can't tell. While you're here welcome and if you're not well it was a slow you won't hear this and is on FaceBook or on our YouTube page are our Friday patronage anyway. So as you know you don't Crockett. Frog you wanna wonderful I don't know meets you well I'm from down the hall KARZ on the weekends sometimes you can hear me fill in on nights for fish boy. Boy it not only do we worked together we've been friends say in swat teams thousands. Yes we it's crazy because 2006 we met. We became friends and now we both worked in the same as I still high school did you figure out what I wanted to do your life. You kind of guy did a little bit on that I know you remind term the cool yeah and my intern I mean we just kind of watch wrestling you and he gave me in any yeah. Kutztown University. Solid and take my degree back and I got the paperwork. So that it's thicker as you are down a hallway cares more fraud didn't the people realize that in this building there's 34 stations where some odd day. There's Max allowed to. Cares team frog eat that and you're not actually French because people always some people think that I'm a weirdo in general cause I'll talk to you very quiet on a book wiper on air on the quiet button. We don't real acting quite what you know me you know me. You know once you get to know me I'm not quiet when he when it comes to coworkers you kind of keep yourself until they really inquire you know I'll talk to time so from my here. Doc thinks conducting some anti social beat I don't know dot type but understandable because he's your in the morning he doesn't run anti very often on granite when I wrote my office door to see him. That night as high I don't I. Not every every morning dock us. Crockett I'd gotten a slim I don't see I'll sit I I like talking to people lie I had the same time I will not say hi first. I need someone engage me reuse some from care is he walking on the holly. As she and say hi guys I noticed that any not I gets you nervous no nauert but is just I feel like they don't want to talk to me or I don't wanna talk. TO. I thought duke did I think the view that. I just. You may get a high out at me yeah usually I do the I try like find a stack of papers and pretend reading Ali ankle or your phone on the replying to any I mental I did that the docket today that it could. He turnaround immediately start looking at papers not doing off and on a blanket no. Is gonna be heartbroken conflict. I don't read atlas and I was like garden there's always hope meals to help everybody listens to skip it and nobody listening right now. That's cause on the Crockett page and I don't use the Crockett page we'll probably fans yellen Crocker page it's at 1000 there's a lot but I don't use the Crockett he also itself some people. And the way things what works is to sometimes additional applications and as you'll until it. After rebar rush shut down try keep this going for awhile go beyond what we talked and for at least. At least half hour forty minutes attempted talk for half a 1000010 and had a pretty good better than we tried there's about a year and a half ago two years it was the Crockett cats and it didn't last very long it lasted about I think. Episodes of the problem with that is it probably knows we have another person and Hartley every time we dated yet and he had to leave it is just scheduling thing like I work full time job and I come here a lot of different nights sometimes and say hang out and talk to you sell like I'm around to record any time you need me. Analysts on filling in round down the hall of Human Rights First cares. But I actually like. Like I. I'm surprised that we. A seemed surprised that like. We both have a job in the radio does but it's a hard business to crack into and it's not easy and I realize that when I first got in. Because you went to college Euro will battle in the Sierra college I'm song hazel is trying to figure out what I wanted to my eye anymore Libyan radio Iran no we don't need to be on TV right. Our teacher Rodrigo I want to be TV went to make movies I want and commercials and then that's what I want to point to be made movies. And Ron read my teacher was like heat on the or cause I was really. Jackass was real popular times I was living in the jackass and my ball up and down hills and Hulu isn't all I think every single one of my buddies me jackass who writes so well I walked in the school one day and run Reno grammys is where you've been all day and I said hell and he said. You had interned in college he's an injured an intern for Jeff walker yeah and I say who's Jeff walker on their forget he said. If you're serious lobbying communications and you don't know Georgia walkers or is there is a legend is that area he say you need to just. Quit now your head and I hurdle government what do you. I know right fell. I was from the and that's always play since tears karma job these like all right he just moved three dozen guys a little familiar self. Familiarize yourself with everybody goes yeah it's gonna look like an eighty galway and turned. Because there's there's people in this in this area have been in the business for forty years yeah I mean Bronx he and Jeff have been here forever and so at home. I really didn't want to us and I hate I'd radio class I hate radio club every minute of things. I had to take it it was like one of those collection I'd take. TV stars like I'm never going to be on radio and hearing about it. And I got the a plywood Jeff he took a bunch of different people we did an interview process I got paid tunnels like trash bang I actually had a interview my idea in her older and I didn't want to see I do an interview I want answered shouldn't tell a tight budget I don't wanna do it sought I think I was like I don't get I don't care to work Andrea. And they called me like look we're you what you're trying to delete re trying to internally W and I hear someone I had no idea you know clue not OK so let the they took me and only guy so I went and day one sitting with Jeff I mile line. Oz moment I can't really. I saw him go one day and a big and I said on this one they'll forever and I I came on talk parents like on the radio forever knowing all cash and in our annual let's get a response recurrence does it's it's tough. The release in turns common goal and they don't. My parents really want me to be on TV every single time talks my mom she tells Clinton sun. You so much more Hansen yeah and obviously monitored she's like and we watched these these people like they're so door key can you should be on the news went on set just apply my mom. You have to go to school to be on the news like yeah I just don't hire people to be on the news telling you don't argue we don't raise itself to be a real journal right and I was like now you'll be okay I'm like. We always feel weatherman. You colleges to weather and now. He acted go to scorer mile ahead. Why didn't want me to be an electrician. A good job my Brothers is I I I kind of regret my decision now. I wish I was like Trisha because I think it's injury dig your friend Luke isn't like trivia. And I watched him and he poses meals on time and I'm when I just it's so I wish I'd like to Solder. Yeah I I don't know silent on me like you're only gets hollers and like China Solder a pick up into an I I have no idea what I'm doing and how it always ends up birds and smell. Telling all screw this all basically my dad it was eight a carpentry both houses for the first happens like yeah to build houses I think our vehicle job I would like to be like a master carpenter. I can't read a ruler know. So I don't know how we have trouble reading in general. Didn't transfer over our secure I'd be like I keep teaching us Arctic you don't need to learn how to soccer and hide myself like I'm bill met him only Xia. Not just not a person not just can fix the machines and are you trying to do wires switches and stuff now it's awful. I wish I can help I can now you know I think we just have launched YouTube videos you know I need the vice soldering gun is going need to buy yet but I'm I'm afraid I'm not can be into it enough but even within that clearly different levels yelling at fifteen dollars soldering iron yelling a hundred on each. And to have what we need an annual look at delete the little green boards inside your machines and I'm like generally be able to know how follow bluff I don't know how you I'm like I don't know ought to resist her is not local I don't know what an old means is that Richard that is an electrician. All I don't even. For its holding an army people other eyes and issuing it and I think he slaughtered like. Like control boards and self like that for steel Kabul people up there the wild and that people of working public retired early keys down in Florida now like he has blazer GE's all over the place. On I don't know if you love that I know we need some decent money. Own. I don't I just I soft hands that they do something easy when I was kid I wanted to be a rock star. I mean I don't wanna be a rock star athletes show I mean Saturday night my buddy and I after a bar. We went my basement we Sargent Jim and it was 3 in the morning but he doesn't play soft he was not so loud -- to just bring you guys acknowledge I jam like oh yeah and if he ought to feel. But I got neighbors in 3 in the morning probably you know your neighbors pretty well I don't. I don't think they'd be too angered by the get a new neighbor. Well its troop leader in the basement you know I wonder how loud I mean we. Now as well as the windows aren't open I think you BRE I mean you're subterranean at that point you know hence I mean. We tried again we fuel the URTL yeah I know I woke up like an hour or two later in a silent the face time we tried to get a podium we're not the whole thing is like I is at the prayed all day long. Like I went says you were actually for a quick yeah. And I think well I I left the Prater around 530 I think they got home and it's my body would tell us how it is cooled off we ate some food. You know sobered up a little bit and I went home and bile like Lebanon is dead tired I had to be up for work on Sunday and be on there on Sunday. Three to seven MacKenzie. It. So I do try to get Alex a decent sleep on Saturdays. All of them but speed of the print how is that as you the end see how do what color and only on roped into that so how did you make that happen I might not want my biggest goals is to get on the wall yes that mural. Anyone who knows this personally knows we knew we love. Pistons and I love Pittston and my buddies uncle is on the wall long. And I wanna be on that as my ultimate that my new ultimate goal my personal uniform you're my first ultimate goal was beyond radio. Nailed that now and I knew always get in the Pittston Wausau moist dog up it's a voice I don't manifest yet. And it pits and pray committee came to us they have be really what you guys Bolton preyed on them and they say do you have anybody here that would. And see it and my boss mealy said. I know just a guy Loria did just like rock I signed up as a gray zone. I got roped into it not as excited until I realize it's only these that is going to be a hundred and I think there was a 104. Different entries OK and said did you have to memorize all that stuff you know they break dual binder and it was I think it was like 85 pages yet each person and that's like the business is yeah screw everybody where they're from and are in line and because most on the recent drop out. Was there any doubts as as it is there anyone there are those balls view that there weren't supposed to realize that to me but I guess the helpers the had to cancel. Auto. It's all we've worked I don't know how many praise of the radio c.s I've been with the rate of ceased your promotions for five years. On toppling the runners up. So like I goal and set up for all those parades it's always it is vastly you'd never know who no I don't know and it's usually one woman market and I feel sort of those people because frog you little and its truck pre in the winter for you work directly and and I ever I was that person for the pretty directing where people go. Nice over one cycle where it's like I'm. I have no well has it that the Willingham a 3030 people this is a hundred and some people. And it's his wounds and possibly snow track of that the people dropped out were never really to me now so eyes are reading I had to try and read their small little band signed before the end I don't like to ask them across so across now that Girl Scouts are shaken the NC here and what you call some out but they just got mixed up so you'll find this after yet and this payers are sticking together and when I realized it was so cold it was that whole holding a cold microphone to tap the microphone knuckled and your lips touch. We your lips are locking up cause he can still hold select your lips chapped himself acknowledged. He gets hard to talk silly. Try feel like the girl scouting comes unusually. And I and some peace and then they'll start moved intact so yeah delegate and actually the Girl Scouts meet lucky because right behind him in the almost instantly dropped a bit of a vehicle that added yeah and you're trying to play catch out it was. It was on but it was a lot from my first marine. Do you think we'll have you back next year I hope so I hope I hope they'll let me do me a fast ads I wanted to be successful as best as well. I asked him if your holiday I see tomato festival as much for how I take I take days off from my full time job and people think I'm nuts because. And I this'll be able enjoyed the whole entire week in right you know like idol as I can at least. The thing is so I get three weeks paid vacation I'm pretty sure I've already burned through two weeks in March on Selma I mean. And ads for things I don't I don't even when I spent the you have to make doctors' appointments I I have an easier a couple of weddings on Friday yeah and side I think three weddings on Fridays there's three more days gone there and we can't depend on the owners duties priest and next week actually it's Tuesday took that off set to Wednesday I'm going to New York City on Wednesday so I think Tuesday and went out there and I was like I could take but I want to at least I wonder if this summer yeah it's actually disable my time for the summer so I always I have four weeks vacation in two weeks a call like tons and tons of time I see all for the summer I usually only take like two weeks but it's a we have Korea Jeannette sent hide Crockett. So hollowed and it's a nice bowl of for why even cajun. How you do it. Obviously you know they don't they don't know that you know and actually make good Ole Whitey hears he page last mining and I need really sold from myself via cell hopefully. Yet small cross promotion here you ride your coattails candidate and this is there an answer right. And then leading indicators he crowd to join him as equal time master plan when I was in high school like Connecticut with this Rocco guys are content because. Because I don't back to ride his coattails and I probably will Rosen and the Crockett coattails there. I think I think and the most exciting one on the punch well I mean we saw friends right and to the concerts. I don't do usually try to buy and own ticket I mean I care might happen yeah you know. But do you think it would have tickets likely think that's it that's the big it's. That's the biggest misconception that carries and things well they have the tickets I don't work at least an hour. That's always have yeah definitely people again and actually take much no I don't it was a pleasure to be my guest that's the only take my hat yeah I think it is linked to last for a ticket am able to give them a pair of tickets and an ego. Where in the act I don't want them or can you give me six more might have gone. Intel. Is that it is isn't. The ninth percentile I think once he I give the good seats and they go can you give us six more I can you give them all together and I did. Lively show. At the seating chart in front of our panel of Lucent's. My my fearless when we give away tickets. You don't know what you just you know we got parenting is giveaway that's all you know and people just passed like. They weren't yet where they can only download like hi not know they are on the panel. I never see the ticket don't think they come in someone else calls you pick them out all ever seen and I am simply just think I'd say is it we're naming other piece of paper and hey this is we have that right now I'm sick of people think like on hold the ticket. I'm an addict and then. What do you mean I don't know looking legal check all. I can't I don't think cart is building I know it's on this saying that's it yeah. I knowing I don't I don't I got to pick well IL or open nine to five C and pick him up during razor and I think is ours I think it's monetary pain the hurt I think. Wu. I don't know were actually open I say 95 now I don't try our open and if it's excel. One million role in that what 10301111. Lebanon as well. I'm sure I think that I I Shia also they think their opening thirty I don't know about me too early. I think it's ten. You don't know until later business hours are. We'll look it up on the ones that are. Of tribunal and also Airbus does not listened to his Jerusalem and I don't think it's necessary to actually. I know the business and now I guess that you should put this very reason yeah call is that you grow our business hours the question. We have. I am looking on the net so that readily available for the people don't it is it's 8 AM to 5 PM why aren't all the wrong price it AM. Prize pick of some weekdays between 8 AM in prime issue. Sobel it's at the front desk answer pretty early. That we are she said eight to four okay Janette no more weeded out. All can be taken by the activities and bring you know you online is chance I won and someone shall I didn't know. And they told they got it right dollars. Either that are Melissa's skipping out early and 400. Things. I could aren't so he got he got notes for me right on cool which pits the trade. I was there I was partaking. They did allude drinking and I stumbled on a pizza place and that's in which I've never had before princes had dances. I actually has added that morning aside just had Vince is not too long see I never have Vince is I didn't. Like I gave. And whichever Pittston right why I've never just been walking on the street and stopped in there I think the people were pre order for lunch every now and then and I pavlik the taco ramp into different style. Absolutely delicious they're paying me. I just I thought I was so maybe this does is drink until you know I don't it's not like it is super but I did something I've never done before his. Usually support like the red pepper on a link to break the heat on my PR they and how that. Who account and you just need something else right. They'll get the garlic power now I've gone and I've never had polyp from my entire life I've not eligible. How was it garlic salt. I don't know the difference so garlic salt is they take garlic powder and an exit. With garlic salt so I don't know this is very own brownish. In Madden and Celtic looking isolated to Garros yeah it's a big secret notes Seagram listen this. If you order to Garros and you ask for garlic salt on top yeah it. They have their own secret blend of garlic celery and they don't advertise enough and he will the blender is that like the owner knows blend in that they make it. I think he's garlic it's garlic and garlic. It garlic thank you put your pin and mix with salt and they they mixed it personally ratio is crazy ratio and US fort. Sprinkle all putt and I count so. You people they'll I'll give us again next negated the hot guy lightly done. Newman Carl Axel an extra assaults on a normal red line and by Eagan community trying to get extra sauce lightly done call -- see this thing is why go to the rose I'm always get getting yelled white pizza this awfully well that's that's they're that latter titles that he Sam beat that pizza everybody I've talked to ends up doing that they most amazing thing to do dad. Yeah it's like a different level style pizza SNL I think I worked there worked out my first job ever had was nearest pizza. So I've tried everything and menu again I know eggs but kids find it to me I was get mad BS for lately done nutrients and I I don't know I don't know why do you really don't I've ever heard very insane like I'm done I'd like I like lighter Crowe actually flop in a little bit yet pending big hit that limit order every time Hitler they go. Aegon cook later I got so hot that I like it may go. Is here and I don't take it personally insulted I. Let's get real mad at me and I said does not like it. And they they just eight date almost refuse to do for me I I think if I was them I would refuse to do in fact I'd turn it does it. Twenty she'll love that guy speeds. It's just like pizza when your fold in. You can hear it crunch a little satellite that and see that's that's the pilots I went and I know a lot of people can like I don't I like to deal will Fuld is here enough. Now I'm telling my pizza. Ideally you stakes quality to yes and sell out or low volume audio can only group medium night out in bleeding on the liberal firmness. So what do Shia and you took one note I fell I was not here. We're going to try to examine. Top seven most hated Easter candies all OK all will also they are right now I jelly beans and people like I don't. Listen to star burst and a pretty close so number seven. Is Reese's pieces. A spell Easter race past at least the pastel Easter it's what are those. And so they're just. They're like normal Reese's pieces but there are like pink and blue eggs on the program. I think you've gotten good all right number six. How is the Cadbury egg. You it is one of the best Easter can't see RA as a kid how can you say to Cadbury egg isn't gross as a kid I absolutely love the Cadbury egg to the point as soon as some in the story read my mother Bonnie yeah plunge. I got sick of them I burned myself out as a child. And now they they kind of early might throw when I try to eat him like the part is just too rich and sweet no way end. They've gotten smaller over the years it has gone sour. But I I every day but this Easter can't year old Emmanuel that's the thing and that's a do you have once a year I would still leave one Cadbury share. I'd enjoy half of it and the second round like foolish and a I should just say a little bit number five is the Jordan Allman what's that I have no idea. This little Michael Jordan moment nobody gets excited about Easter nuts they get excited about Easter candy what you're trying to help her at that that. I guess they're just all humans to slogans I mean who can omens for Easter I've never count him but I like notes already from. Number four is the bunny money. Chocolate crisp points and chocolate points with Crispin I like those barrels. Okay the carnival down. A little bit well you know let's just cherished classic race that's like that's a classic candy put in. Just like ultimate jelly beans are classic I just lying and number three is the off brain jelly beans yeah now back. I get. Only days star burst I'd be dead is there delicious and you know it jelly bellies are are better than a long name Brandon pace like feet garbled it a little big there really kind of hold up the next two is just absurd to me dietary and on the list number QLC Reese's cup number two is the chocolate bunny. How do you eat a chocolate bunny C I don't like street chocolate. What you need to white chocolate bunny IE eight wage. Picky and that was it might have an outlet once you get out of our our craft service our number one worst Kinney is keeps. He needs is one of my favorite candies vault I think. I just I don't understand I get hate I don't like them as a kid I I don't like I don't like marshals in general. You know I don't think smaller how really the powdery taste of marsh well does have a powdery Isabel does book peeps don't of that C think I really don't I I don't know. I don't understand hey I highly compete. Once been sitting out for a while accounting it's hard not I ask is it personal heart PC that's for that's won Iowa not. I'm the same way with from Swedish fish well I don't like fresh fresh Swedish fish I don't see China fire well. See that's way too we appreciate it see. I go back though there used to be a penny teeny place in west Pittston were no doubt bush talking across ease. And used have Swedish fish and paper bags for fifty cents counted out for birthright of every censor those customers an I would get those and they'd be kind of dry because I forgot about that bags will suck moisture right out about the fifty cent as. That's how I got used to eating in the kind of driving countries like paper that Sloan Iowa I forgot there was a place in. So my group of south Jersey and it was a candy store can't. I can't even picture where was I know we went. And I know. I know you cookie candy. Like afterschool yeah right will back Hillary counted out and if you you'll I I can't I can't picture ige but I remembered getting. The fifty said he appeared he sees fishing was great and those at Dallas like my first experience with Swedish fish. So that's one thing I used to snow I have like a fresh and hasn't hit the utility tunnel and you found change thank you held onto it because yeah it nowadays you can find fifty cents pretty easily but what are get by with it. When you're on center guinier gaining only here at two cents yeah it was great. And you can't you can't go to storm eye candy bar for fifty Suisse in recent and old eagle. You can even. And I was kind of rare to to have like a penny candy think he'll put you remember like we're kids you ignore their bar for 55 cents. Now you can only acting size and the consulate a dollar fifty like you're not buying in the dollar fifty on the ground know you could find two quarters easy Alia and it just stores are still trying to PC applied for fifty cents you could get a candy bar for the defense even if he had a nickel you can still get like one of those little paper sciences and the deeds the only you can still gate can't -- now you pick up Cheney. I can only change on the ground account I throw pennies away by not just from there's no points to I don't know if that's a tight credit trash and Jesse Roberts he's so mad at me I just felt like there. As acute trauma audio I don't ultimately it's an easy time to do you have collected you clocked in at any hagel what happened dollar. Tropical forests are recording I went we went next door I got a soda and I was a penny short thick highways and obviously don't even worry about this. Just thought out gallegly disable his you always do to make up his registries don't hold back a penny for her from Seoul later on and that person's Raikkonen right well. Well and it's a couple hundred get our yet in three years. Great it really didn't need that our entry is applied for quarters Ernie the floor mat Mike Hart right here exactly and I have known as a kid. Ice in the league to declare California. I used to be able to even at high school. I could dig through the couch cushions and I usually stratified box when I was kid we used to go to the west Pittston blown summer Caldwell Idaho. But it was like three dollars and 350 years old. Is this hour my house every day looking for changed to slightly at the 350 to go with the ports I Niger gonna do that. You swim to the bottom trying to find people's chains all in all of all I just use is still change I'd even steal it to change on him there's always tomorrow and crediting her kitchen. And I used to steal the quarters out yeah. All of the slip catch reruns. But it like when you do like heavy load like she would occasionally and your purse out and changed our windows days happened. All eyes Kimmel often I'd skip all of the top but light on when that was kind and Crockett. Urging get the slope where energy at the candy bar from all. No lawyer found two quarters in the yard is all in the order OK okay I'm on the ticket because I would I would think for change and an account and finally I could I could finally 35 dollars is going that way on the couch. Brother Jamal's life pod right and then what my mom would think she'd say. What got you are trying to couch and she'll want to tell actively ceremony can be anybody's money can be yes we don't know. Claim that is free money is our church and you know they you I don't keepers UConn so my couch going to change balls on your pocket that's not my fault. That's quite an all out there that didn't come back easy rocketing our drops Xbox your couch yeah can't prove that now. But it UConn my house Hewlett bigotry my couch cushions and you find Jane that's free money yeah. Jay is free money so I'd say this now as I was to go over your house and take money on the couch cushions when you say OK that's my money well. If you're if you're really had desperately dig into my couch cushions okay I'm village take that you know don't comment economic change to. It is appealing. Accurately put my money in it to change your answers saving bright night and applause on my pockets fair game OK now writes Alec. Went when you drop. Are you are got lucky volley between our bill on the ground yeah right. You know you'll go to account like Thomas on the ground felt good and I tell that there are minding your argument all all make sure put this girl in my pocket. That's a matter of days or vehicle of some very little bit later yeah I I thought I had him he wants as a Turkey hill. I just moved here and and caused by an iced tea and looked down and it was between Arbil yeah there was nobody in the store and I was like. Hot dog unless you see somebody physically draw the ALK sir or ma'am you dropped you draw up to now here's a question it's a huge drop. When he talks yeah. Guy goes right where you drop twenty bucks and does T mean do you feel obligated to give him some that point dollars. All things so I do I'll thanks for your honesty silicon but the people I'm sure like arm. Skews may be a box you know lol it. You don't deserve a reward for just being a decent price. I know I also hate the guy said because I wouldn't expect that I don't like the people we barely that we asked you so New York City not by him. A million nerve in the New York City where this Christmas time. As soon as I got done buying my food is Suzanne food yeah guy can be changed and changed and changed but he was just by the wind is like home. I was good I wasn't sure because I was turnaround luggage nicer than anything I own yeah nice clothes and money I was like don't quite. You can ask for money got nicer things might yeah but I don't think I'm sure. Give you my thing to be just sit there on the side street ask it came just wait next to the doll I mean they do hope. Can't wait for me to my surprise that is sort of let that happen I don't like you need to. I saw some video on FaceBook yeah. It's a link watch those these things because they never know like they're real or not yet on their as a guy who. Brought a homeless mentally to McDonald's or wherever bottom a meal. And then I guess I just hustles has been new since before we're oversold the manager called the cops. The top space and linking your trust passing that you can't beat her. And the guy who bottom meal for things like this and he asked me for anything I buyer for him you know so like. I felt bad for the guy getting kicked out because like she did nothing wrong there but if you're sitting and in somewhere like bothering people for money. Your way as an easier it how does he is Rafik. Is if the person at their supposedly cranking or hoping is Mike. Yeah volatile did this wasn't my guess is no bodies like all I tricked this person yeah you can hear requires data obviously might yeah so it's obviously saw I never thought about them now there real extra hat. And now you're signature I thought I thought I dial Austin. Don't pick up. The guy he's in Britain wants or is gonna remind myself. Now now aren't you this question for you grow stopping germs are hollow because I'm not I know college. It's a pens would you go to his Salvation Army and by a hushed a teacher without watching it and putting with now washing yes. It's well first ever world clean I guess put would you ever by a hat never even if you Washington and I normally I would never buy a second in half just because. The fear of heavily east title and an. I am lying use tax watch from users think I've bought hats on eBay you're used and I never thought about it. What I would imply that all night washroom is because of the idea had what two Washington. Guys like even if there's nothing there though you put in on usurping and by taste you know really achieve. Absolutely yeah I will. Why should expire at the wash machine Alia. As you get in Asia by these oldies handsome face and I washing and everything and I'm just deteriorate this fall and actually Hadley that the whole onion and I'm going to watch everything but I over the watcher edges and all over the place still look like my guy and if all my close to the wise of the close your account and humble about Barry's I think what. Was I can. Yeah I read you the law of the wash again everything yup and then use skeet once again until it. Teacher eighteen guys govern Julie you picked the ball well that's why shouldn't you are looking into that. Q does keep it again and if you're. I thought come what he's a phone line now has lately Washington last him through its open sciences yelled at all. And disintegrated and nothing you've wasted gallons and gallons and tiles along on a hat. I. Think cable because we're on the night and not given up down here and watch him. Steve Healey is steam cleaner what I what I was doing for Wallace I was putting him in the dishwasher yeah. But that even my dishwasher a guide if you like that it's too hot. It much my parents a one did which was nice and I tried this new my new one net like melted Disney like sterilized stuff and dishwasher yet against real melted the brands what I do now as I feel we got to go in the barn so he smoked you know I felt a single hot water and additional nicely had never and I wrote yeah it's good idea and I just you know an air dry and that's how it now. Leeson's. Did you see home improvement is what Taliban out my notes to mound once the redo their home brew movement or bring it back seat. I don't know because usually I'm against all marine reboots and some pirate bringing John Cheney back you know Charlie Rose again. Oh jungle a gentleman yeah there is this there was number of usually I don't like reboots when I dearly care well Fuller house drinking like I'm excited for Rosie. Is calling on why so I watched it every day after schools on TV as I loved watcher Rosie can I think because like. She kinda reminded me of my mother at C solos like I was hiking and actually win because. It looked like a dirty house yet and may be happy comfortable. And the Tilley Darrell action. Yes I. I don't know I wouldn't wanna eat dinner at at call ourselves the Rosie Leo yeah but the food is really feel that that was that was that. Is terrible what brought in house reminds me of like you had a one for high school you want to hang out with yeah but she definitely going to their house goes bees Jerry now do you like but that's how they will though they are working class and you know what I I I just never could get into it because of that yeah I know he was supposedly died in the last. So here's here's the way they're doing the review and it wasn't so the wave spoiler alert if you haven't seen Roseanne over the past thirty years. All in the final season of rosier and the end has a heart attack and they win the lottery and he. She always wanted to write a book. So the kids they have money their present they made her writing area in the basement. Seoul at the end of the last season in flashes back to Rosie and walking on the base financials thing and I'll walking around the basement. And basically saying like pay everything that had. Happened over the past year was just part of my book. DN died of the heart attacks against survive. And this is just one I thought I would like my team we shouldn't be like and then she finally. Told a little bit about all the characters like Becky really ended up with team is denied his brother like all that stump she told like the truth. This is a reboot. Where it's the same characters but it's not a continuation of any story. So it's basically Rosie and gay wine so we know all of the characters. But they're not the same exact characters if you get. My drift so it's like alternative reality kind of yeah Roseanne soul I can throw the whole Rosie in series away. None of that actually happened none of it's gonna be really referenced. All the characters are the same it's just going to be a completely new stores that weird yeah and I don't like to see and what that. Has been treat that kind of lifestyle why I. Just read right just be like all blasphemous or did it happened because I'd I don't think she wanted to take anything away from the last series. I think she's just like clusters. 88 did it the last season was reared just because. But I think the way they tied it all together I think it's one the best for now reasonable time. Honest with you I love TV and Iowa pros and I think it's one I think is perfect shell. And a perfect shock and they are not a perfect show why Carolina nursing up society is groundbreaking for the time. All month ago it all in wise I like it I I think because like we've progressed so far now. That reboot back on it and how much it shows where drag and drug on too long like office drug on. Two law I. Dell would be people's complaint in the end with the last Sunday what Steve Crowe left bill we should end its like once once stand have a heart attack that's why were they should have stuff shell. Dad that's where they say jump the shark and drug on too long but I think they tied everything together well at the end of for the time like. Compare way like Mary were children solved those common ground breaking tunnel vision. Because it was network TV you have a working class feeling there tackling real issues that I mean they tackle drug price. They tacked they had some the first gay characters on television. I mean it was like united you had a strong female lead that not only was a star of the show which she broke their show. It is a big deal for the nineties especially early nineties late eighties you. The show the dinosaurs. A deal on bump Obama are up. Should tackle steroids struggle yeah I'd stop it's crazy thank you auto plant I think because that shows very campy. That it doesn't get the recognition that your tackle I've been telling me thank you a hundred up so he was he was a working class dinosaur. Like they tablet like I. Poverty losing your job steroids. Drugs death I would say there is a crossover between dinosaurs and Rosie at some point and on because they're both on ABC how what this might first grade teacher means your Donna heated car yeah. Her brother. Was the character inside the dinosaur real key is real and the baby here all of them did that okay with the guy inside the constant is generally picks is album. And now they need. Did he do the voice tonight he was just the guy you got it removed but like she at all as eight by ten that's auto rentals are it's really cool like Schilling brought up like twice in my yeah never put his big deal might. Not as a partly as an adult. First are probably thought that nationalist in time. Guys are T shirt he meant what chilly sure is at once and I baby pick Tim guzzlers like we see more picture actually maybe later on site. I don't care what you mr. O'Donnell but your brother's school. Until now well delicately. The Big Ten jealous in his fight maim rob and her brother but like. So when you gas and night she had it by tens and absorb grabbed my arm I heart of eight by ten picture was him without handle. Mood like it was just like pat eggs hold the head. And I'm adjusting like that's the coolest thing each yeah. Now have you seen any of those episodes lately. We watched one not cause my body said there was an episode whether. The oldest she got hooked on steroids yet and I said no way. Sure enough there was an episode where it is on steroids and or inch hole. See when I first Netflix streaming like years and years ago it was it was like I was I was there. Oh man alana launches so actually the first two episodes and wasn't I don't and yeah health wise and that's how I Angel shows are anyway yeah. I feel like Roseanne like home improvement those shows are likely. Can't wait to watch your and I watch him like and this is an improvement silica and isn't either watching home blossomed CO I was actually aren't treating back and forth worth a listen from Cairns yesterday about how awesome at the site selection friends for first time the -- friends never write those stupid show them all in two and a half we shall we. I want shape in the first one as a kid and get a lot of it has yet been discover a better showing you yeah but. Even then I wouldn't be. Like it but I like I watch the office has been an analyst yes but as soon as Mike Lee's style auction that started CIA in my in those seasons like other good they were reared their day different they'd push too hard. To make something work without Michael it didn't work as Michael was the disaster. Like he was like that. Yeah that. He was they'll send you win every episode yet and he was he made something happen yeah it said he was gone ever write everything is like a by product of something you do it now did you ever notice in the episodes. That the economy Amy turn into a bag I. All of the reason they did as any wasn't supposed to be bag and he was supposed to be useful character he knew he had to leave the room rises Heatley could use filming hangover yeah. And they'll writers got mad at them. So it rose character and to being a jerk some people don't really feel. They purposely sabotaged his character. And we wonder just hanging in the show because it yeah which I'd I'd like Indians might Erik Erik yeah they let me missiles funding stinks and even still like me my boys like break into song you do Oregon is. And it could be put. It. You got anything off for the first episode all I was gonna talk about all home from a little bit our own. Just because like I am am excited for the Rosie reboot I hope it's gonna to quiet I feel like that's the we have to do where he can't continue the story link for. Not only good team I as you you're going to. Confused story home improvement but the one QB he was a guy ready yet. I think not only create I don't colonel lacked the later episodes ago at all CI. I think so why aren't you illegally dole is sun we wanted to get married. At some point I guess the reason I guarantee Jonathan Taylor Thomas Holmes and yeah I dare because the model since he do and that's it so the ball I'm she's on the middle that's usually six. She can and cannot brought on last man standing yeah yeah she's obviously game and I'm sure there are two hour game worried. Would she be able to go through a whole series of she saw as the middle is showgirl I'm sure if it's a Netflix thing like big worker I'd guarantees Jonathan Taylor Thomas again guarantee that you'll probably will see deal is however his guys. He's had some some last means that I feel like I feel he's going to be like I'm calling caucus where you think he he's got he's not machines of his doing but these as does a lot of long not a part of that anymore picture now McCullough it would look like hawking gets on and are sold it like yeah. It's like are right I get it should play like you because of home loans yeah for those of those movies like you have anger independent career be proud of that yeah what. Like Ali it seems like now he's kind of grabbing that like the insist on Jimmy Kimmel. And he was talking days or owning an a little bit yelling now he's big he's grown up a started Saturday should be drawn up but like yeah. He was talking about some of the conspiracy theories behind it looks like Kid Rock you guys have character and roof like a rock for life yeah. So I mean it seems like now you start to be cool with that but it's like 37 now like yeah now we can't do anything formally the leg. If you jump in okay with that exceed 27. It could mean home alone with him they still put it. But he seems like he doesn't ever want reprise the role yet which makes a man. The ever watching ill in her home alone movies later her order anything wolf yeah I know this this is the theory about my health has been in home loan. All worries eased in those tobacco or via the and that apparently swears that Elvis I don't know all they look like IE do you all. I do like to subscribe to solely Elvis conspiracy theories I don't know if he's better not. On and I I don't go while I can always in the back from a home alone or anything like that but there is some evidence. Before he died he had three million dollar life insurance policies right right one was cash out a couple weeks before he supposedly died. What was cash out about a week after and the third still hasn't and cash out. I think while I love a good Anderson and that's the only one that I give any illegalities iTunes Andy Kaufman's life. I don't think he's ever. We've got you you're late coffins slide for eight years ago at a comedy club his daughter came on stage and said he still alive and yeah he's very happy what everybody's doing form. Yeah you know because any called such a weird guy eaten no one knows his daughter's. Ordinary but it Anwar if he's really alive Arafat I was like one of his dying wishes of the writer's daughter do you like nobody knows so I I think Andy Kaufman could still be only Cassie. I never really got into any confidence I don't know much about the holds her story I never watched the movie hearing I watch that's what got me kind of the end but apparently. I'm Jim Carrey. Played yet people thought he did a great job he did it. Military thinking lower professional wrestler was very good friends any call yeah Astoria. And he mule and he told Jim. This isn't how he won as Jim Carey told Jerry Lawler he was wrong that it soared to a movie about you and I'm like you're not act you know I do whatever I went like no I know home and yeah. You didn't don't like friendly. Might go is the whole thing Jerry Lawler in the south was all illegal would you work were right they they're all in on rice and so like I guess Jim Carey told drinking Lawler that he would Iran. Dirt and germs like no this is how he wasn't real life. And he refused to listen he is like no whining territories like which are in the wrong character yeah like you're doing a good job. Represented him on television character that he tried but he wasn't that Guile atop an added I apparently Jim Carey corny figure that out through and he refused to listen via any age just I think a big thing is kind of turn into we're notes to those who are you a couple months ago volume is only the red covered with a good yeah. You know he's that is that him doing like his basking in the top I don't know is he trying to. That feeling that your conspiracy theory to like the down. The giants the receipt date Dave Marr on the issue Poland's scene and Steve Moore went and seen again and like there's there's rumors that Hollywood does pull the strings and I snap occasionally I mean Dave Chappelle gives a little bit in the each special little just lol where were you like Condoleezza Steve Moore went nuts and media mill street with a and likes our screen amounts often and they say like I snap on pressure. Jim carries on that maybe or Horry doesn't take a certain kind of person that beat column that in the first then I get nervous. You know I'm on a super small scale compared Heimlich the ice storm voice and more of us are talking about conspiracy theories like. What is diploma I streaks out no get eloquent about wound going home tonight it called reliable freezer I don't like on he's opening. He's got a he's waking people up stubble like Crockett and some bad news invite. I'd now like now gonna panic all night like an air docks at the door the wing and I don't know I don't like that it even worse. On aside subject the worst is one like he starts poking yourself now then we Washington's rookie and then spooky stuff happens Ali as always happens like I all of that I'm afraid of the dark. I am an idol like sounds idols like being in this building very early this building is creeping at nighttime. Yeah and you want alike is so we have the real McCain extort and that's new social always talking there's police scanners and another don't have our our scare always on. So all the shouting lights off walking through dark hallways and her crown for Thai. I'm Rihanna back and I got down like. Could hurt ties Roy I forgot like I puts up the in the system only icon like 3 in the morning always hear you can't walk and Wendell white threw off his plate it's dark. Oh you can't see him and and company feel it is sir I don't know what is at home or who's here and we've had some colleagues have passed away and like you get now you never know maybe their fear it's still a column that I don't know fits I think with the bathrooms. But every now on that'll be in there and his total flush by itself when know what else is there weird stuff out there on an automatically light sensor blood. Nobody wants by a Finnish police said one now one of the engineers past wing. That one of these drinks with ice cold that would have pulled can't have yet he told a story to its scare the hell out of me it was like a day after he passed away like get a hot can't on national they came in and it was ice cold. We are stuck annual auto itself and Blake sometimes I'm thinking about that kind of stuff. The studios get real cold on the weekend and we're like all the walking through the hallway and it's warm and that'll come into the studio. And against a real nice clean your house is. I don't think I don't think my house is I think helped. Now beat my Alice is really miles it's weird like it's weird it's weird old palace in old fossil Victorian house only tornado and all that means when I know the style as Victoria and my neighbors stable we scenes some of their stories are terrified yeah. When I load him in and day in your neighbors grandmother dying in and ulcers song my dad passed away in the house but they've they've seen people walk around things like that he act when you have that night when it sound like something Phil yeah all yeah and the cat when he went when that rule pentagon and the really weird they that was bizarre how we clarified anything that elements like the whole book she got shelled out on the ground that you do you have an upstairs neighbor but it but it sounds like it was coming from either is in the entertainment or media. And it's our Exel took two bookshelf and throw it and we all got up and rain in the next room and nothing was out place but the cat one goal in the room for two days now but. It was weird it's been real quiet and ask Maine my neighbor actually came over on Nolan said. Anything we are going to aren't nice you know public Europe said bell which is it because. Usually something I sort of feel like I moved in first he moved his second ball went before they came back it was like nonstop I have personal call my name it was weird stuff. But recently. Cope. I was laying in bed and I heard. Noise in the hallway in my hallway yeah and I fell as the cat I wanna open my eyes the cat was in the bet million dollars acts and I just I just put ice overnight sleep when united in the dressing yeah but I I was like what's he doing likewise been so noisy in the hallway and I opened my eyes and he's just right there miles ago she's. Room in that. Selig every element all hear noises in my house when I'm alone. Well you it's like the route the radiator is on your own self are gonna leave with a terrifying story this story is one of the ski areas. Scary stories I've ever heard in my life might I teary eyed entity to have meat so my neighbors act. Is Tim has a history of terrifying ghost story yet but. I got to know where the house I got to ask his mom so mean it was it was pitched it by your house actually yeah this weird how sell Coca. He hit yes he has you as a younger brother to order for a few hours older rulers are much older than a month before has warmed. Eyes that was married previously yeah so his it was his. His dad and his first wife yeah. And him and he was in the house is that was at home and wish him and his mom and and he said he is sitting downstairs. On a trying to paint a picture of a second so. He said where he was sitting there is to count against the wall. And then there was the TV in front accounts and then there was a stairway behind that he might. That you go around TV go upstairs and the steroid was it was it was wall and the stairs so you could see. It's always coming down the steps you could see their legs than you would eventually see the guy makes sense well. He said he was sitting in his house. Any hurt his mom called them from upstairs and things in and tell surgery see her as mum yeah caller from upstairs. And she start walking down the stairs and that he Saul it walked on the stairs. And it was like really white. And he said imagine he hasn't eaten up instead imagine. Seeing somebody's legs back ports so okay faced four but the Nikkei and the obvious that way a guy like that the west its pool and it was Nikkei. Yeah and it was walking down the stairs slowly and calling his name. So and he says I I think he said he saw its fate you got here just it's terrifying. Sends shivers down my spine figured it was pits in west Pittston and it's like we're backwards walking down the stairs calling for. He said he screamed so alarming outside his mom was outside the whole time yeah. Rain outside the neighbors heard him scream I chilled as I guess the his mom slammed the door and they just. Laughed merrily back to Albany they eventually move like that houses by your house some where all men. I don't know where I want Holloway are free felt I hurt us this happened was this is again and so I got nowhere is house's bill alone. I wonder. I don't I just read a story about a masked her in a house that happened in late eighteen hundreds. Around like down the block for me really wonder is related to save thousands try not want to houses was principally the result. Yeah Alec apparel like on some guy like slaughtered his life with an ax to seek religious. Smasher headed and now now I live in this house but next to him and now all I all I can think about when I'm so there's no stairs in my house except my pace and hang out I always terrified what's I don't know I don't may hang on your basement lonely felt like I wanna be able to I'm always afraid I'm gonna seed I think yeah walked down this enemy because in the basement there's only one way out there so it's come downstairs and got her stock and there's really the only remodeling yeah I hate being down there iTunes movie for the and it's weird though because my basement you can eat like you sort of walk round you can hear yeah the footsteps on. Almost every single town my baseman here's a walk yeah every time what is your cat though. I think that what it sounds like footsteps in heavy foot and I always think Ari someone's coming over. So it's over I'll book stairs in the council is there might hear footsteps so it may be the analysts that third floor and his fire burning its library throughput I mean you really have yeah it sounds excellent usually is opening a war. Closing it and walking around my house and like serpents and tigers all the time. Alan handling and egg gets a point right think someone's upstairs breaking in the house yeah so I a disciplined girl upstairs just just a check. And there's nobody out in the cat sleep in I'm like I could tell always attack of the cat. It's a try and answer is a lie can't live alone like I need to have someone around all the time yeah it's weird age like. I can stay the night at somewhere where it's a lone bullet I don't feel comfortable yet it you know bizarre though I know like there's nothing there. It just you know my vote but at the Netflix actually it's not like yeah trotting. And I don't hear stuff slamming you normally cash what's up to. Roof and an all too spooky for gladly gladly ended the podcast funny terrifying yeah. They then they'll sit up. Hillary Clinton here he'll always be allies trying to deprive you went on dot com. It's my real name I don't wanna give. Beyond the way it appears again no I don't I'll send your emails over to me Crockett on well. The message on the face but they were a year review meeting the old almost pull out we always will hold our. I'm excited just. The replay feedback if any when Johnson honestly. Later on you know we're going to be back when and plan on doing this more than just one so yeah so until we meet again hopefully you know weekly phase maybe I don't know. Today's best conference.