Wednesday, October 18th


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John or hear it again. It's Crockett rewire. Today's best country it's Friday let a lot of Crockett gets ours is stars is here and we're joined with a one out Ryan or else go and there's Goodman thanks revenue through Zulu who you're single love in a bar I think is one of the most relatable songs I've heard a long time. Think you meant I'm really proud of that song and it's really cool to like at the let's open up that such representation of me as a person and a writer and artist so I'm really excited about people here now I think we've all been there have you been there have you found love Italy having the reason that we put the song out is the the first thing and people are gonna hear from me is because this is sort of like my story this is like like hanging in bars after I write a song in like it's. Also a universal story or it's like everybody has that moment where they have to put themselves out there for the first time so I think it's really neat to deceive people get it meant here in this there like I had this happen Meehan somewhere you realize you're going to be a wedding song forever and. It's a rocket live weekdays Monday through Friday. From two to 7 PM on Friday 101.