Tuesday, February 14th


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Ride you wanna one dog show which Jesse and Luke pal our special guest troopers on the bachelorette last season but you're supposed to be the bachelor this season right. I was. Contact nine and then not about four outs left LA out that will fly and make all that hey I'm eighty he had. Think it went in there you're not here that's sort. That's crazy because it doesn't effect you are pro also affects like your family with home on dates and stuff right. Absolutely like my that there was getting contacted B. Like given by my year on year and you get your business on that line to take care of everything while you're gone and then all of that night well never mind. Did ABC do anything to make good with you I mean they turn your life upside down that they give you money today. You know on the net that either MO I guess is that often so on those like you know I think patent are not probably met in Dayton. Look it up and did from the dramatic edit to. As someone who watches the bachelor religiously yemenis say this I find nick kind of boring and I would love to CU is the bachelors so if they came back you an approach you to be the bachelor would you agree to let. You know I don't know at this point it's like it was the window of opportunity this past year out the open and vulnerable to that process in going through it not like that kind of if I make that decision that the tunnel that. Do you a hard time from friends and family that you're originally going to be on the bachelorette. Everybody had mixed feelings about it mark my inner circle they're excited they record tell everybody that not well that so it was funny people a lawyer told the media now in you don't have owning an icon that why your own stuff. So when I got back from going to show her you know a few months Igor get me up and where you go we thought you were to yell at. Of that so what are you doing here in the house other than drink. During the number one priority right during repeat the best thing that indignity is a mode and then drama out you appeared very thorough. Bowl and you're among bottle on a piece. Is nick as obnoxious as he is on TV. And it kind of what is it looked like it not like it I. Cindy a lot since season now seemed a little bit of it I'm not really have a bracket. And I ask you this when it comes to your music is any of inspired by Joseph Asia all are there. Yours and fired on her has she heard any of it I am in anything directly a bit wayward bought it err on the show inflated. And Luke one last question before we let you go I heard a rumor are that you're going to be on bachelor paradise is that true. What is probably declare that the. Thank you so much Luke Luke last season on the bachelorette was supposed to be the bachelor this season thanks for you did you time this morning thank you guys aren't great.