Wednesday, October 18th


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Josh or hear it again. It's Crockett rewire. Today's this country is brought you a lot of Crockett loud guitars as stars I'm joined with an Alex called headliners it's a low tech I don't I don't know man you know I was read about you guys are from out you've got a young we needed the money. Atlanta always drug I was gonna say. You guys haven't. I know both you do what you guys are inspired by Motley Crue and quiet right and quiet rise how important it stands out and that can maneuver it where it past me like more or we editors. Really yes we're a good mix of music because Chris cut his teeth on you know Motley crew acquire Frank Sinatra. You know second exam that old he's like karaoke king trial I think I thought some Rod Stewart pretty well. I'll probably get it now W. Miles I'll church stuff house I. A PK pummeling that is a preacher church of Christ I was out there listening you think you're not even allowed to her still no I'm not. But that makes a good mix. Sir you know we have all causes and wrapped up so say you're the bad boy and you aren't honest on the some of the best he's hot water out reversed. As thorough story now that says that your father know what you're up to him he does not. Annie wholly supports Obama he loves lads good if you could be on the bus every day would you guys are Q&A right now ring on every finger of the single man that's a great song and so it would just. And pain. Over an avenue out and know what to expect them. Well they. We've been we've been hit some of the best songs and that's offered. We have right now plus. And we got we got the new single I think that it artist album sponsoring is done and now. We might like you guys here's also this here's Allison won't be able to hear it but ultimately you guys here's a little bit of AS sneak preview do you like icons and I think they ought to listen to right now so you guys are going to be here. We're gonna have a lot of fun now it's a round Robin have you replete with any of the artists we yes yes a lot of times actually. It solves Russell Dickerson. We love broccoli and sell much legally back with those girls. As is pretty. He said not since I've seen him in person but I did not now plans she is selling angels went missing in absolutely gorgeous yet. Yards I just like they were pretty. I was joking okay got these I don't you ever heard that it this up so everybody in the building wants to know what's deal with the dark theater posters and offer those everyday doesn't know. What is called troop okay. Troopers are in the scope that's. So I don't. That so we're problem all right in mom probably years starting at these never really sat down Alaska one of these days when. Other posters to it is a Darth Vader and something else having this I don't know what we usually had Jessica Alba and Katy Perry and her house back and I. Results of the posters that I forget it physical disc album Britney I mean I would ask them here. So if you knew Sowers movies. I cannot wait a genuine the trailer looks amazing. Calculated finding new. Snooki is you know I mean yeah it's eight primaries. Anyway and tell you which are which era they're moving here. Ma'am my favorite would probably be I really loved lie him. Great. Step Brothers a whole barrel in Pennsylvania will Farrell just deride those would be great at getting irritating little patterns hours that I like Elkhart I really like what our cars one of the greatest movies of all the greatest of them. Here's what Clark but it is currently Hitler. Hitler. I weekdays Monday through Friday from two to 7 PM Friday 101.