Live on Dustin Lynch's bus!

Monday, October 2nd

Dustin Lynch and I talk before the Bloomsburg Fair! 


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I jumped or hear it again. It's Crockett rewind. Today's best country it's Friday we're gonna Crockett and I'm trying you have beautiful. Tell us this much Jakarta Taurasi have a nickname for this is how. I forgot heavy on what does allegedly had a talk about the SI assume they figure out dissolve this is oh yeah our honestly probably 200 plus year geez now as he got the PS fort. Yeah PS for a marketing game is as an agent as really NHL it's got a guy. We just gotten him at NC blow that we've played but one of your teens are. Hopefully Reynolds I'm really regrets this now to present multiple. For all sides titans not bashful I guess it makes sense you know outboard arrays like ourselves sound Vega area figured you had a ton of singles but your current one is just smashing up the board small town boy was at five weeks now for a week's number one week's slowly separate order that. Projected them number one currently has just just like chase stuff and night you got to new round current mood now when you come on come mode. How did you cut like I'm assuming when you're regulated like. At the obvious story behind Qaeda yeah you know I've ever met and out so it's all said and done in put together. Each one of these songs are searching all we actually lived in Europe and something job interviews with experts on there or not each song I've actually. Live there in the past three years in that's what is that you. These are the main currently I am today and currently just adds it's been known this album has been reviewed as kind of a peek into your personal life yes they said there's some heart breakers on here but you domain names could do the girls know who they are. Now you know I think there's there's a lot of speculation. Got a few text trailing. So song about me exactly. You know even like assault take. I'll I'll mix them actually system to RC kind of combined and yet it's like Frankenstein's symbolic of this this song about this girl right or whatever it's easily come matchup and and also you know apple from the people's relationships different. And there's some stuff gas wells. You know everybody means our mayor you're torrent with Brad Paisley. Has he gotten you with any prediction is that they know is he's the price PI is is. Unity. He has me on screen and there. Alcoholic mind. Also we use also for those pictures via the beach on this he's to my face on the deed is Jack fat ass it is nice. So as the course got so far. That's that's horse is as ours and now I'm speculating worse coming other you're definitely diocese. Now he's that is he's still carry around that decade of Guinness little yeah yes onstage alone there's there's two hours brand you know on each each other browser there hasn't learned a new trick yet there's an only likes to do the four leaf clover it does validate -- critical they haven't seen it now I'm Gloria and it really the port for me. Not a lot but I'm not yet. While it. I sell you were to start a clothing line there was rumors of OK why is just so happened it is you know we just a typical release with each time and really jump in or on TV. Docile wonderful yeah notes. Where can we get it close yeah taking you can get it online this country clothing dot com now did you have a big part energy discussion I want clothing line and that is not out of it for sure it early work on the slot like a year. Really yeah I. The first release was with his past week. All the clothes that. We should only honor living on line LC in there and then will be another taping in October. Now the question as you like being onstage you said you'd like going onstage. Now the question is. Do you have a different outlook for every single night or the repeats at another theory there's very patriotic. My morals like qualities is laundry in early somewhere and all of normal seniors who were so we're probably three. Alfredsson line coaches because I'll railing you know I'll Wear this to me or this that or wants states it's a lot indictment on Saturday there needs to be some repeats now yet the space melt down just in case and only come I think it shows how the problem is the day we get these are fans are wonderfully travel all over the place and sometimes are. Censure on you deserve last I mean dollar soccer maybe they should space and how. But I got a problem that now what to expect and I didn't fare well in always with the new album coming out of place in the salt and replace rarely does that nerve wracking. You know that's practice and exemptions and things I'm confident but I you know. What's going to be news out Crowder. You know how these. Make it on the news over the answer for its patents it shouldn't be too much it to ask where in the Booth for payout up unexpected political parties. Got to the store sales slowing by the box office blues are fair thanks so much sort of self. Rocket live weekdays Monday through Friday from two to seventy. On Friday 101.