Thursday, January 5th

Jeff Foxworthy joined us to talk about his upcoming show at the Mohegan Sun Arena with Larry the Cable Guy on Friday, January 20th.


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So big show which is coming to the area January 20 February cable guy and Jeff Foxworthy. You know Jeff is with us just goes on your site this morning and that date January 20 is your very next event. Yeah I just finished for the year this kind of nice to have a couple of weeks at home. I spent in the holiday is actually at home my girls are all out of school and so it's kind of cool how old are your girls now 25 and 25 just they would build would like fare as they take all these. Tad bit out of much backup titans welcome to a big kid. Go through say they are my son remembers nineteen get his first full time job everybody gets a paycheck he's got a pole B how much to take Texas when somebody. Welcome to my life. So how close are you shoes where you grew up until Atlanta I grew up down by the airport so I'm kind of on the other side of town mouth and then I have a farm about an hour south of the airport they're usually if I'm not work and I'm on the farm somewhere on the pressure which just makes people out there like you actually do that yourself up when you have that they can't hear the phone ring when I'm on the tractor and a retractable do them on more and I just love something about cutting grass and I don't you. Federal white plastic machine did you pay somebody because aggressive Nelson you don't tournament director and cut grass anything special your hometown is known for Larry my hometown is where chick filet started we have the very first AAA in the world. Hasty to play I saw a story that you will host a Bible study are used to host a Bible study and brings a whole monster play do you still do that. I got up at 5 o'clock this morning and have already been there and comeback. Let's really wonderful for almost a decade I was on this rumor site Jeff Foxworthy rumors tele which is true here. There are no real rumors right. Some of them are pretty bad I'm not going to be those particular here's one is there a Jeff Foxworthy action figure you know we did the blue collar too if they weren't action figures but they were installed to. Although action figure sums much cooler than now because this film better and dole doesn't an art we're going with yet but they are convicted. Your network according to this is 630957345. Dollars not even close to low. Wait to the last two cents Israeli love what you over the jazz they effectively says you have yachts and private jets centers. Neither one I have a fast boat and I while delta and I have so many miles that is absolutely ridiculous. 600 seconds let you know how you know did I don't have that is because that is still worked. I was even trying to felon I'm looking at the number like we demand that number they're supporting a third 630 million dollars would be victorious Cuban BM on the planet if I had well we're so looking forward you come into the area January 20 today Mohegan Sun arena. And it's such a fun show I'm having more fun than I've had since we did the blue colored urine system Larry and I just happen of all do and therefore relates ago quick thing about Larry the Cable Guy that one time I'm gonna check Helen supermarket there's a headline Larry the cable guy's wife thinks he sucks as a performer. My oh my god we're talking to on the Cingular let me ask you something you're from the supermarket last night telling the story and from that point nine I felt horrible for me to cluster of and he kept shopping and yes she really say that was then that's. So totally let what we were doing blue collar we'd be play and Marino with you know 151000 people and he would come off stage and he would go through the kind of third row that won't last that anything. Like camp which got 141000 battered body about a lab results concentrate all the help you hit it right where you can give off and I. God I can't spell ever do that again on a regular event earlier this. Well we're so looking forward to it just thank you so much for giving us some time this morning Bob thank you forever mean Merry Christmas seals take care.