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Friday, January 26th


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Hey guys it's Crockett and this weekend Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM the homebuilders association everything home show was going on and joining me now hosts from stone house revival on DIY network Jeff deadlines look into the show Jeff thank you. Say you're going to be at the Mohegan Sun pocono this weekend. For the whole shell. Now tell you know your star of the show stone house revival can you tell us a little bit about your shelves don't house Bible. I can't but are irked but let's start back REIT that start to show what I'm all excited about that. There's really great people behind the scene that never get the credit so I'd like to went went went pose that question. There's like twenty people you never get to see that make this show possible that it showed basically all about. Renovating all realms we are specific too old stone don't. But we try to put that character that is sort quality back any old home a little a little. Little urging and a little bit as well. It's it's funny because you said that. It's a much bigger. Task it's almost like a bigger challenge it from what you seem like you used to do. I mean in in television it's funny as what I've done many different shows. At the end of the day I've been a partner for over twenty years and that is what they view waiter without cameras or work on old homestead I don't think people understand. The amount of time. The amount of budget that you have to put it has some of that stuff is so why. It is always. Economical and I but I I do believe that it's worth it for those people should be. Owners and you don't vote I think we how are we we how. It would make sure that they are kept to a certain standards not watching them crumble it's like a history book but it's it's like history. And pledge broad history because. You're when you're in town when you come value to see a lot of old historical house's and I feel like you need to kinda BA history buff to really appreciate. The renovations. I and I do I mean that's out picture became important to me because. I I was Carter first and I started seeing some of these historic. All of a sudden you start to play with the woodworking tools and you go back a little bit and the history really truly don't come alive in your like wait. Boosting the real thing what happened that building you know and being this close to Billy as we all are knowing knowing you gotta battle the struggles. And try to going back to really I hate to say out of fourteen it's OK I could care less about history but as a 44 year old adult I can't get enough of that. And it you know I feel like a lot of people in this area. I would hate to see people knock their houses down gorgeous too short rows when they could save their history and you I I have to imagine if they come and see this weekend you'll be able to kind of guide them not to ruin his street. Yeah and that's one thing like we we can't. If you want to reach for a history book and then figure out all the old architecture that's one thing but to actually live it and see it I think it's so crucial it's. To figure out where your going I don't know where you band and I think artistry is so important aren't going to help people live. That we do get a little sidetracked nowadays today I I was elected year old daughter. Complaint legitimate why why don't you know no joke. But I do believe that appreciating. Where we came from a so so important to making sure that we see these structures. It's still about people let it bring your bring all of your plans bring pictures. I don't character of the old Al who else whatever they are struggling with regular coshow we're all talking out what you are on the air well Saturday and Sunday. And outlets are familiar problem and not just me. But many of the other vendors and guys that Scott from solar panel installation. General contractors banks to help you find the financing there's everything you need. Actually succeed with your model. And that's I was gonna ask does it say can they bring a picture can they bring their cell phones can they actually bring things to you icu there are a lot of things so you're really hands on. So the cool thing ever I'd welcome showed because not only do I get to go around the area to see what other contractors have to offer. What you come to order my presentations. You actually how the resource is to walk around the world shelf. We sent information to make sure you're asking appropriate questions that's one thing you're on these talk shows to be inspired to see something. That is going to be a question when remodel or help you with this so I'm not the actual presentations have been knowledge to be able to walk around. And not just walk around grab some food and all make certain extent you. I know the word renovation. It sounds scary it sounds like a big to do but I think people miss out on the idea of if you just. Don't step by step you really can make big improvements. How it's all pretty idle until everybody it's it is I want to tell you today spirit of free vacation. And you have the top of your life way to let vacation no we're gonna go here we're gonna go bear. Which for whatever reason when people get into renovating they just sort of our like our bullets without today it will figure out tomorrow. They get into this mentality where death is a horrible experience certain speed you can bet your contractor correctly in and it's not a great bidder it's not this. But neither horrible experience but it definitely go to have to be. So you get it if it's here in that if you'll look conduct re doing your house of your look and read to a room you can make it come to you and you can kind of tell them like our. Maybe not not the house down let's take it step ice that you can kind of guy I am a little bit. Yes I mean like anything I live in a jerk it's your old house and I didn't get it got into days. It senate tenure process survey I've I've spent so I went a long term goal you will the same attack this group mr. industrial. And also living my life between doing work so. I'm sure those people without a bucket of money at your disposal at all times you have to plants they knew how to be these Smart way to budget. And what your budget and am glad you brought that up where do you sourced from materials from because like you said not Libya has a a bucket of money so there was no where where where can you say a lot of stuff comes from. I I like to state local and the reason why I like to stay low bullet as can you see a lot of these lumber yards. Closing down and you see a lot of artwork sorts closing down notes the boat people they shot every single day at the scene people. I ordeal and pick up the phone and saying hey. Are you guys have this then they know whoever what I am trying to quell the cheers of fact norm you know pocket at a place they've ignored or basic job. So you're connected with the area you know what's going on pictures to see if they. Reclaimed it big. Access to stay local as well you know get fired up to go across the country to find reclaim what it doesn't make any sense to them mortgage problem. You know not my area so it doesn't count the same details that I want that are from this area. And that that's a grid that's a great point because you know when you get out say let's say bar would from an old church in this area. That's a great talking peace you can you can even show people where you got it from. There's nothing like walking into your house. And you have somebody visiting you and you'd say dude check this out this is I got this sport what from your attic that history is this. The excitement that you have will invariably don't watch your house guest and they'll be like. Well that's pretty cool and the next thing you know they're inspired and they're looking to do things similar US air out it is it's it's like a cyclical process and I absolutely love it. You know I've I've watched a lot of your videos and you even mentioned like. You can go to a hardware store and just by legs for a table and you can just take a slab of old church would and make about shouted there's so many cool ideas. And I'm sure you're gonna have those ideas we see this weekend. Aren't we'll have a bucket of ideas would meet together you guys are struggling anybody who is coming. If you're struggling like an order build up our people and I will talk to you from all corners their point of view not from a tree and partners to do it for over twenty years. I know what it's like on the weekend what do accomplish its past. Could be done and not feel like at forty or at worst thing I. I I deal it would I don't look like he got shot at relentlessly and not be able to do something so what I'm gonna tell you they. You know what it might not need you it's something that I guarantee you'll be able to handle. You will be able to build its people you will be able to put in Thailand your bathroom I'll give you all the stats and it'll be one more time you're on the air the whole time so. Grab it while walking around the golf walk around other than presentations. I wanna be it contractors I wanna beat the vendors with a bombshell that's on. Before I let you go you sent a big tip that a lot you'll think about is just keeping your house clean. I thought the hit. Yeah I mean that's it's everybody it's like I don't like this satellite that looked like anything's going to be a daunting task and I think sometimes we all behind. Maybe is a little worked out here here's a little more duck your bike clean it's not always. You know that seeing how how we cleanup to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy. About like they insert your walls are clean as far as the night Chris ink color on the law something that I had that refreshing by. So that every jagr not going to their BMI I have to do this I ask you this I ask you this that's my helmet not fun. So we can see you this weekend at the home Sherry and get the Mohegan Sun pocono you get visit the website HBA and EPA that work do you have anything you wanna plug. Just I would love it as many people can come out wring your question bring here. Plant for your pictures watch the show it on the more people watch my show the more likelihood that my kids will get to go to college. Jeff thanks so much for joining Michelle we will see this weekend my pleasure you don't.