I dream of Ice Cream

Thursday, April 13th

Just like the great scientist Pavlov concluded, I too am like the dog in his experiment, but instead of a bell, its warm weather, and ice cream.  I can't be the only one who is like this?  Right? RIGHT!? Listen below! 


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And best country for argument among drug earlier today I was talking about how last night nice weather sun sun someone else and I got myself an ice cream. And I just knew in the back of my head it was mistaken it was a mistake going out for the ice cream because they knew this would happen C a try and do you back in the swing and it died trying to just you know watch from Eaton. And I say go look like he does get hurt me but the problem is now. I was right now I want ice cream every single nice day that's how I am I'll keep the pattern like Hollis Warren. What was that doctor when he rang the bell the dog beneath the tree that tell his knowledge what might get ice OK get ice cream. And all I could go on holidays they can you know. Doing little walkway from who have an ice cream. Denis Pugh was an expensive. I try and justify ice could not and that ice is unhealthy for the spoiler. It is.