Gary Allan joins the show!

Tuesday, October 18th

Gary Allan joins the show as he headlines Guitars and Stars 13! 


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A.'s best country it's frog eat a lot of one and has promised joining me on that not show right now he is board number one singles three putt about seven albums. Is not a big Gary Allen are mystery guest forgets his daughter's thirteenth Geri Allen welcome to the show. If your eyes I bigger with the going on renewed. Sidekick played got a little cold here in northeast PA's on this in the warm weather here I'm not looking toward that. We are used to warm weather you were born in California raced in California. I learn how to reach so. So here's a question you were you raised in California California doesn't really my brother lives up there doesn't really seem like a country kind of state. Yet you know what I mean a lot of people feel like that but that's where Buck Owens is from the Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam and there's that there was a saying it was kind of like she up back in the day which all parties spilled in Compton California believer not my dad was huge and chocolate bars of my dad out their play Boris complacent I was twelve. Little bit pretty good cal or leasing your. So you were raised on country music that actually corporate or street Margaret and twelfth. I I read a story that your parents right big in the music in any short now I'll know it's true there was always musical instruments to be seen throughout the house. Yes she yelled oh my dad always nature of the guitars were out. Miles is very much a segment guitar everywhere so something has got to walk or pick them up. Did you naturally gravitate to the guitar or did you wanna do something else like drums or singing obviously singing but. Was guitar what you went for. Cutting was a natural thing it started out on base and I played bass when I was at my Brothers. Like. So after you learn to play the guitar or Sega and a lot of people don't know issue started to sell cars. Yeah. I'm here now we're in a product at a record contract the guys that at a record contract we've got fired. In the not so old style apart and I sold my construction company my brother Sidney it's a part of mutate figured out and oldest lady attract and she'd get back in two weeks. Later to get washed. And one of the salesman was looking in my CDs and she lectures on the CD and writes that lets me and secured the song that was in the oval course on it I was so demo. And his song was just coming out she goes well who screwed up some order is don't go well that's Neil McCoy and it beaches and easy like urged air burst. Annika explainer how you know how how it happened in what I was. The next goal was to go to Nashville and make a demo there and she's much you think that'll cost. It will grant said that that that much money you straight I took it came to Nashville was in a bidding war six months later and I still under contract today. Oracle's doubling Gerry Allen is coming to discredit couples that are Wednesday November 9 along with trig went greatly and let go ahead. Again I just a couple of minutes to come back and keep talking with you. Very cool today's best country fraudulent Jerry I'll do you wish it was me in to figure out he's on the phone would be right now we're talking music growing up in California. You were a car salesman Bob before we get back to the music. Jerry were you a great car salesman. You know I think that was good at a disconnect it was it was the just help people my car rattle the super pressured a I didn't do long maybe year easiest car to sell. The Dodge Ram it sort of a brand new truck it was right when anybody's falcon now. You got Dodge Ram kind of guy now also yours tattoo kinda guy out a lot of tattoos Dolan on. So at which time to which each year so now is it true there addicting one G1 you gotta get a lot more. You know what I would say they're they're not but I've got a mobile equipment in a while Parker. Not dead which ones are I mean you got some cool their hard if I did trying to locate a picture of all but you got some really cool ones which one's your favorite. You know what I've got on my left or hitting it should learn. The neck up a guitar with like. Hand coming around playing and that's where. I'll secede besides tattoos your into or just on your Twitter and I saw he would do any life periscope a live video. Of you making jewelry. I do a regular that's what I do it on board at nine under and Scott so easily like make diameter teaser or scope things or cast silver gold and he's good on periscope and and people connect but. So how did you get into the you don't have all the Catholic a safer fashion I'm I'm from LA and I've at a men's store collapsed. For years and I. I got in Sydney you'll arena talked to silvers at the initial panic over and then Nam when that was our last Christmas break I actually went to a diamonds school. And yeah alert has sat stone. It's it's it's relaxing I imagine you know it's the it's kinda just to get your own little world. It is as reckon just got to go get lost a parent like watched TV so that's murky. Now do you have any original costs each original jewelry gone on we roll that may be that it came out what he's lyric be an animal like Google pandora these would get stronger our government that's gonna what do you like me and like I don't dispute or yeah. Dogleg Gerri on your your fan of country music you also just recently saw Stevie Wonder in concert six sat there for three hours. And he'd given no one single song and you kind of realize that you got to play to the crowd and not what you like. Yeah well no I like replace stuff that's fun for me but I realize after watching him. To clean up. Well you know a lot of your head you come into this rigid cultural center Wednesday November 9 target cars and stars thirteen. Jerry how we can't wait to hang with yet. Barack did come bar it was a on the night did he got. A card number twelve right now 100 plus 7010130. Hooking up with tickets to guitars a SARS thirteen plus. Put in the right when that century dental BIP ticket to meet all the artist got locked.