Monday, July 9th

This morning we played, "Whose Weekend Was It?". We learned something very interesting about Freddie.

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Earlier this morning always week we have tickets anyway its accuracy. Blake Shelton that the Dick's Sporting Goods open which is going on because New York. So they aren't going to matter weekend and you had to figure out who is. Thrown out the facts lose one of us throughout our collection. Germany assumed it was me actually didn't have a doll collection is child because I have like SO hare phobia of dogs for whatever reason. It's very that's another list can ask her for no return less. But it wasn't me I didn't have a doll collection that leaves one person here Freddie. That was you have a dog yeah or action path well actually I pricing and actually being licensed network. Action figures who have not gone yet but coming out the door and garbage bags prepared to 202. How many are there is like 27 left virtually similar to Gamal feel like they traded out three last night to his friends that epithet as take a little rise. Play action figures like John and the blue and figure our you're. He has like WW young and restless country western oriental out of my dogs appear but a grown men buying all called in dollars. And stuff like that that's cool because I'll tell you what his I'll be totally distracted by my dolls. In Vegas.