Monday, June 13th


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Yeah we went down to Texas. Which was an incredible time we have as a spiritual experience right there on the border I just wanted to get away from distractions and try to focus myself focused the band focused my producer and take this thing to the next level and makes some great music and that was it you know we just wanted to retreat. Can get away and come back with a treasure. Music singers watching a documentary and that the group the Eagles and they were talking about like this back down to seven he's into that same thing where they were take these guys totally away from their element hand but they would make sure enough that they had cellphones them but they had no access to telephones and that's something people can do nowadays you know leave the cell phone behind. Yeah as a matter of fact there's not much servers down their own as I just think. It's very important to remove did as many distractions if you can't. You should worry and points for you a record in the middle of the night right. Yeah we stayed on the ranch with a recorded any time we wanted and we did we record a couple songs and like to retrieve them before. Which is a new experience but a lot of fun. And you know what I saw I was letting your schedule are real exciting C your heading overseas in October to me about that. Yeah we just started kind of plant some seeds over there and try and do see if we could. Have another place to go make some music I love being on the road and taking the music to the people and you know my dream is as big as you can imagine and so we're. We're testing the waters and things are looking good so we'll go back in October to keep rack. Fred thanks so much for hanging with us this morning you've got to find.