Wednesday, August 22nd


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One wonders what shows she's got a way with words we'll see if George performers don't have to win with this is welcome back in the studio right now. So we gave them out Jim Fraser's. All right so we gave him Donald's and Hillary. We gave him pumpkin spice. And we gave him just his perfume is just as her career progressed. So on Torricelli thinks you did this was the Chelsea it's tough it's definitely wasn't one of the day easier assignment. Didn't well let's hear Richard dale assume we can do it this way I. Here. And they'd be. Maybe share large brown didn't back. Win the it is yeah. Zuma has really hit okay. Want to know what a hero with former sort of people start requesting these songs Italian a key piece of paper that. A student at George from farmers sorted things for joining us today all right thanks a lot and I. I start a fund George for people wanna check out where you guys performing how they you can get farmer's daughter band dot com or on FaceBook slash pharmacy out of country. Jeff Carr I see you soon thank you.