Extended Stories- Maybe I should steal a shopping cart?

Wednesday, May 25th

All I wanted was some Eggos 

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Hey guys it's Crockett extend its storage what is it well I tell my stories on here I tell my tales people seem to enjoy them but I never did dig in to the story completely. As I am limited time during my show this is reaching is to give you all the details of the stories I tell on air thoughts. Extend its stories so I talked today about. And I he's got this new idea where we save money and we get exercising by walking to the grocery store. But my idea. Good idea to think yeah because what you gotta walk to linger shoe store. To whatever you buy a degree of short you have to walk home what she came over by therefore you can't overspend and helps even more. Well we have obliges yes they pick up some dinner some things wrong house we wanted to budget. A fifty bucks that's what we said we won the budget cut that once a week spent fifty bucks there's been 200 every week. So we want to Hershey store. We're picking everything up now that next trick to make sure you stay right line is grabbed the basket. Not be shopping cart because the basket kinda gives you an idea of what you gonna be caring and how heavy it's going to be. So you felt the basket. And I really like angle waffles for breakfast just to haggle wobbles with a teaspoon appear hurt my diet works. Unfortunately the basket was still by the time we got an angle waffles section. And it just wasn't in the cards plus lawful box that's gonna ripped plastic bag if it's over filled and then I'm glad to be. Elect Abraham Lincoln Lott carried on the way home. An egg waffles got put back I was so disappointed. We were only five dollars over budget and it was only because he ran as a block banks into him. Which were as surprised me when we went to restore anyway. Walking out and it really. Really a secret I'm really have said about this stupid. Angle waffled deal. No more walking on store. And it looked at and looked at the shopping carts and it's on the me this is why people still shopping carts because they don't wanna walk what they're groceries. I don't know. How odd trashy would be. Wind if I kept the shopping shopping cart all my porch 20. Did you just see that line local deejay arrested for stealing Garrity shopping carts.