Friday, April 14th

In this episode of "Docward Moments", I rey to help a little old lady with vision issues...

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Well we welcome news to what's called de awkward moments believe it or not I say some strange things and have some strange answers to some strange questions believe it or not believe it or not so what we have today. Dear doc I have fairly poor eyesight and find myself saying hello people I thought hanging from a distance only to realize they're perfect strangers and should I explain migrated amber simply let it be my daughter's begged me to stop Paul -- strangers you explain my eyesight but I think I owe them an explanation for the confusion. Do a letter form back to her sewage here apple manage. Birth grandma and great grandma Garcia for and I don't. In gets a new spectacles. Yeah surprise he says a lot of these people should she when she realizes that she doesn't know them send me why is she stopped them. Well no I order a dog hit on the sound. Ain't happy others are gonna see is they only think she's crazy and so like one of those a colleague. Oh there's great senior to and like get away from her at that point. Don't you think it's nicer to say hello to people on the street so. I've done a dive where have senators somebody you know who you think you know right you see him I say this personally yeah I can't. I just register back to that Wheeler congressman Lou Barlow or whatever say. And he's not even look at him he's looking at somebody who's behind me the whole time. So that was my little awkward moment at that particular point. Alex invited people just people in stores all the time you know and and that creep what does he want but yeah that was my advice to her go get your freaking eyes checked if you docs expertise on troubling question in your life email and docket front even Alan dot com.