DOC SHOW: Clay Lepard from WNEP Joins Doc and Jessie - Part 2

Wednesday, May 17th

Clay Lepard from WNEP stops by Froggy 101 to surprise Jessie!



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Right well on doctor Jesse kept more or somebody truncated 43. Al Sadr Friday I guess is when the other real birthday happens do you turn the Big Three one news there was going to be Wembley hills ambassador anyone's. Well and in my thirties at that point in a return to familiar in his thirty's already and just so tired in like tiptoeing on the low in his thirties and on and on forties or their well. This alleged Al. But it's dumb and I want to thank you so much quite apart from news on sixteen recession the other day usage are allowed to her eye and said you know play Wii news on the phone until command because I've been telling you I just. I just saw him like I just enjoy and so much but you Richards shot to go to home when you Solomon a restaurant yeah I don't know my. Right now and by the way thirties the new like 25 let's be real take care Arizona plays over thirty that'll today. I just establishing a hip hip. On the other day we had our action was or maybe two weeks ago we are Charlotte McBride on and we were talking about designated survivor the TV show that you guys are on. And and you've been on a tear so what's that like. It is so I I can't even describe it to my mother loves the show I watched this show up well miles you know everybody NL watches the show so when that opportunity came about and you're like. I'm on C Kiefer Sutherland show links I was a 24 fanatic when I was on television here that they wanted to if a station from Scranton Pennsylvania to shoot. Scenes for their knees Cassie was just. I I from the said yes fast enough money is nailed it all of you down and have you all addition. What they actually do is they send all of our like you know Fisher's head shots to the casting director and they will say hey we'd like if we could get. You know many Ramsey we'd like if we can get Tom Williams for this one and then depending on who they get that's how it all shakes out I actually was on. Because John Meyer couldn't be on set and I was out so I was. I guess John Kerry John Carney may. So the next time you know you or give John some food poisoning when you know the next time I come and are looking for people so when I go into left hand descent into line. Congratulations to them that's good so what's it like to see you because on TV it looks like you guys are obviously on the news but you're not really on with that right is that how it works or we are. Still in Scranton we are still long in our in our station there and we'll shoot a couple of takes of the scene and sometimes you know our reporters and anchors have to interact with the actors. And sync it up so that we were not really talking to the right now unfortunately not but I mean it's it's it's a challenge sometimes but it's definitely something no one's ever gonna say no to we we just love the experience and we love the show that renewed for seasons do. That's good news for your interview millionaire. This is all done Georgia restaurant or you just say the trip to Toronto go to San what was that like it was remembering Toronto it was not but it'd been a very very long time since I'd been to Toronto but you show up finishes this big warehouse he used to be an airport hangar and you go inside. And they built a full on west wing it is not like he CSN on one side and all the cameras on the other side you leave into a room and room. Of everything and that's the west clearly here on the Soyuz. It was fantastic seeing how they make that it kind of makes an interest in seeing the show now. Because you'll see them walking down a hall and I'll think in my head for no matter always ending I don't know off because I'm so glad I mean I better hurry you hit a lot of well you're very much a cast party to we did we do we got to chances to hang out with the writers in the casts Tom reed diamond who plays the FBI agent on the show one of the nicest actors you'll ever meet. Suggested he get a chance to really you know enjoy the show. With everybody else who sends a draft of season one even gets to get a sneak peek at the end of the gag reel without looks like Tom was pretty fun to some. Them live now in Toronto because it during the show or is that they live forever in the lane go win. Certain days a week. Kiefer Sutherland I'm told lives in Toronto Malloy actually lake takes the bus or subway into work and then a lot of the other ones we'll just flying in for their scenes and a fly back out so it's. The dynamic setup they have up there for you Susan Quantico they also do quality it was well chronicled as well same casting director there they should their show out of Ottawa I think. For Montrae Holland there action the first luxury shout to us and visited survivor that. You know qualities does and that's how. It all kind of snowballed into what it is today this amazing opportunity adds I like it's I I did I still get chills thinking about it you know the lake. I was on the show with Kiefer Sutherland so much cooler gets from that. Did your mom which does she have like a big cast party or something when you her on the show she loses she was over the moon about it she was she was really over the moon when when she saw that and the fact that like I. I was like it it you know my scene was on I had a good like two and a half seconds where he could have my voice. I'm not like a background dvd conceal lake just like my shoulder Fuzzy guy who looks I don't know I think that's what's. Is nice. She's still in contrast it was just that's Fuzzy guy and the background. This this is just your average your mom have and everybody over the house and also exists. Donned the and adios to that's not done that very well put thank you so much for coming in this morning we appreciate the last two thank you play with age thank you Selma that's.