DOC SHOW: Clay Lepard from WNEP Joins Doc and Jessie - Part 1

Wednesday, May 17th

Clay Lepard from WNEP stops by Froggy 101 to surprise Jessie!


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Right otherwise gusher Jesse age 260 I just used her thesis on Friday humble but she's going to be away the next two days is not going to be here on a rehab or some like. If I could die so that's what's going to. Gave me the most amazing aren't they passionate. She and enclave apart is here for channel sixty WEP thank you so much for coming in this morning how are absolutely great to be in this morning's our recess him the other day and he's like yeah definitely a command and I'll be rarity of that aren't on the road and but the story as. She will always wanted to meet you have that was I think I. I just you just pick me so happy when your on the news like you just seem like such a good guy you just seems so happy she AM funny story I stopped you from. Bar a couple weeks ago you Wear out my Arizona is really and I in his neck. And I didn't make a bond like yeah I was on top when I had no no writers. I can't the next CNN center dock I'm so embarrassed because. I just up to America colonial and I don't know what I was doing and Mars on is that they've been concerned I think you're drinking which I was scrubbed all about oh yeah. Could tell you finally gets immunity so we're going to mixer and apparently brought he brought me through little I don't see the nice guy actually it's one of those things like. Where you see somebody and you hope that there are nice person so the balloons just cemented that for me more thank you very much I had. Bring you something here's CNN's nice smiley face balloon and everything yeah is trying to get your other person to. Oh I may have screwed up the right now. And humble column I. But I mimic yes hundreds of the wrong thing that candy is a tough guy again shows you're Jeanne I'm. Early morning hours so it's possible that you're trying to save America and you're like yeah not a chance. Validating Jimmie and had a chance I would have accepted that two foot jump I may have screwed up the email is a ND dot Colombo it WEP you know it is his last name's tough stood tough to spell so well I don't know it's another interview with a bigger and after September Arnold unfortunately had a few minutes of talking minutes ago your country anywhere until tonight eleven right.