DOC SHOW AUDIO: WNEP's Kerry Brazen is "Baby"

Wednesday, February 7th

Kerry Brazen from Newswatch16 stopped by this morning to co-host and help me give away some Cole Swindell tickets by acting out a scene from "Dirty Dancing."


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Kerry brazen for abuse once excuse here. Ontario before I was gonna put this holes like big time Hollywood does senator that an outlook that. But I haven't had good timing with your drink in 1 this morning and I forgot to turn down my red carpet so does that. Sir you're gonna act out the scene from very famous movie don't tell the movie what it is I know you're playing one of the biggest parts memory because you are an actor should bit and over when he plays or daughter play this weekend. On so yes people get to see the other side of Kerry brazen and all the light theory of coals when dale tickets with Chris Jensen learn Alina that's coming up Thursday next Thursday February 15 PPL center in Allentown. And I've you don't win gallium another chance after 3 o'clock with Crocker today so are you ready you want me to stop the music to your right now. Refine our secure guy I haven't seen us in on time so I aimed at ponson has every character in America. That was the summer of 1963. When everybody called me baby and is in encouraged me to mind. That was before president Kennedy was shot before The Beatles came when I couldn't wait to join the peace corps and I got to never signed a guy's going to see my dad please go. That was the summer we went to Kellen. There's they have very bad. That's what your your values chairmanship nobody reached I think we talked about this idea that it did all right which bring it up as a kid. Well you can talk about it later. So let us know it's one of my favorite movies you know Rivera's call us now one to 805701013. When the tickets to see holes when bell. Friday 1 on Monday morning his best friend okay bring you recall and from. I'm calling from the AMOCO all right we have Kerry bracing here for news once sixteen also an actress and Kerry's gonna read you a line from this movie that you need to tell me who heads that was the summer of 1963. When everybody calmed me baby. Okay what movie is that fat 38 and relations. All said had a Jerry do is an anxious I think she did fine. Good to me they are considered for the first freeware but I automatically emailed learn your big turn. And how many times have you seen dirty dancing arm aren't clean about 35 guys like John. Iron yeah. It's a lot to see a movie. Well you can go to C calls when DL next Thursday at the PPL center in Ellison okay. I thought I would have fun and think yeah.