DOC SHOW AUDIO: Who's Smarter, Dogs or Cats?

Tuesday, December 5th

According to research, dogs are smarter than cats but this guys challenges that theory.


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We were talking about health Vanderbilt University did this whole study on what smarter is that a dog is that a cat. And the study says dogs are much more intelligent but tough hi there. I got argue with John that's just think you had a little while ago before about the cats and dogs and humans or intelligent. He's my when you have what do you have five yeah that's I do well had a dog and every time right now crucial one that goes out to work every day and earns a living throwing. Here youngsters are a good point I know I guess I get out the cold weather and I drive 35 miles and I go to work and the dancers habitat for the gods. And who goes out equity to see yard after the dog resiliency be pretty much. And this dog will go outside in the corners. Snowstorm to go to bathroom here what are we got the Catholic schools did all on intelligence believes are honestly it's Sunday he gets bad take. Taken care of academic reform fox you go through is what you out too and it. Now who order really telling you one I guess we have to change his image that's at the top of the list the dog comes in second in the human something not a star is an awful it's true.