Wednesday, June 13th

Jessie took Charlie for his six month check up and the doctor said everything looks good, but his head is a little large.

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She's changing the world's. Wine diaper at a time. If Jesse's mom on censored moments on Friday one. Trying to entertain their drug you went on the little cute little surely know Charlie who runs for six months. Check out yesterday afternoon and sound sad delivering listeners because he was. Usually I'm first I'm running lanes will be appointment. Can I show up in my home are right here rebound and administrative Clinton with a doctor. Yeah that's a little time comes off the air in your telling me that things were not like this in your attic and so up until six months they say don't give your baby water and then you read all of these horrifying tales that. Not hand us this give your child runners on these things happen if you put too much water in the formula. Pulled the doctor says to me yesterday so now that he's six months he can get him there and I said how much and how often. And he said I don't know Charlie maybe you can wink your last night when you're thirsty and link to your right eye when you're done it's pretty good surely understands that. Mean time after. In spending a draw these I was just trying to be fun. Medium I. And then he says we can loosen up. There's your TV setting up at this point I just tested seating he's already setting up momentarily. But it all my show you the picture and I can sit up walk away Jacob's picture and he's down there. So far is the doctor addresses and amounts like for you cart and I cannot. I can't get excited soccer's fun and he keeps flopping down in the docket looks means that he can sit and. Though Charlie do you really embarrassing. And any filming of my kids had his two day. When there are seeing on my head size so we decided tomorrow now we're all gonna Missouri. And in this room. I know Michelle when she was pregnant when Shawn Jones got a big head like being yeah these are column when he was still in there by the head. Iraq cheers you can feel and actually you can do almost see his head of making it spots. I know my mother was very petite and she says William you were all head moon when you came out. So while we're gonna measure and CEO who's got the biggest head between you me and Freddie and I can get everything I choose my hundredth percentile for had been heightened largest had. It so we can kind of be like a team mascot like the Mets are now. I I had enough. But they don't have to look ahead on the market. I'll leave anything to be like being a tiger if you continue tiger's neighbor has been. Character as huge cannon was this little body any family finals there. More luck Jessica Gonzales formula and I asked the extra slowdown in the doctor so you nervous no home you know. I know I need to be scolded by the doctor that of course you know me I go home ice are who not only. Stores annoyed right here you can do best events make you more nervous about the whole thing I can't make CNN your head as though many don't make me feel on the center how many inches is his. Nineteen fighter in his life. Nineteen sounds like a lot so pretty let's see I know I mean if you ever said nineteen inches right like this mass and you know. I mean if six inches is here. Thank teams have to be like us. You mean. And my child he's it's.