DOC SHOW AUDIO: Which is Tastier...Cheese or Chiz?

Wednesday, June 6th

Doc forgot to bring home cheese for the tacos so, they had to do with Velveeta wrapped singles. Freddie said that's not cheese, that's "chiz"

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So yesterday was national chasing you just reminded me they had a big national Tuesday's partly your mind your customers with a happiness to many here. He thinks things to make our employees sappy yes Freddie and I still haven't seen him play in the month by the way I don't know. I have already got an honorable mention one's a big deal or use regular for radio and got what they texted me from fifth events and the building was like. And I thought it was neat bill Palin answered yeah when you're two snubsie game conservator. They're ready and I are the only TV dad I don't plan on getting one and actually can't tell you how. And again I'm gonna take seriously got to take that stance what do previous one before you I want I never shall never ever ever happen worry about that. I will never ever ever have to worry about that. I would honestly quit my job if I let the kids and that's all they take. So yesterday's national Tuesday and it's like my favorite that to this Christmas and national she's very you're very reduced here. Totally blew everything last night because Michelle since we don't since they were gonna chicken tacos you get stuff for it so. When I'm thinking is she wanted Tucker seasoning you know there's something beyond the law figure out on the chicken. She meant the cheese and everything Fulbright and means everything will win so we had a rough that we had. Left over from the weekend we heavily familiar ones that are wrapped in plastic and Erica now. Very few of those and like a piece of before. She's Italian whatever it is they have firm Corus had this one of the Jesus available and that was it 33 slices of. She's got some really just the wraps up isn't really like cheese it's more or less like she is you don't need. But if somebody doesn't whip up it's like to Latvia you know any they just create my imitation crab yeah. To cheers chants from a new word will learn and it's amazing this is the best senator that. It's just like if you remember top dog in the area medic you were here I have yet I doubt I'll. It's not done yet they didn't serve BJ served best you know and I think that the path for a slice she is. How about it a thought you know think about fat pensions are. Suddenly map so it is done. How about them for you thriller moves weren't so no I don't examine this you know national cheese day or Tuesday depending on is how you operate Cooper cheese on your tacos. No but I would like oh it's about being around guys like Roseanne which was really doing a lot of mayors data server in America. Well at top that leaves a certain agonies and the themselves sort a like substance they're not around anymore right who became known Elie Wiesel wants for nineteen cents for a burger and after a bath when. Which isn't there and agonies covered on the bond against it.