DOC SHOW AUDIO: What Did He Just Say?

Tuesday, October 10th

Newtwork reality shows always exploit their contestants lives to get ratings and DWTS is no different. One again, Doc is awkward!


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And thinking you know as remember him as nothing in the middle yet he it was kind of cool episode they're talking about just. The most memorable year not necessarily their heaviest here last night but. Most memorable and he is saying that. He's had some memory issues and had so many strokes ultimately I think that when we generally hear many here now when metal started. And I need to win all these dreams and I I'm kind of really do anything I want to get. Truth is I don't. Imagine that it's almost feels like it wasn't there's no negative for. I just don't necessarily hurt saddened. To watch reruns. We just heard. Have a chance to check back and he would invest. Humana. I think it's been good at it.