DOC SHOW AUDIO: WBRE's Nick Toma Knows His Anchors

Wednesday, December 13th

WBRE news anchor Nick Toma joined the show this morning and we played a game that only a news anchor could ace...and he did!


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Friday 1 on good morning deserves. Every help you got me out of our fantastic say hi nick Toma from WB RE. Any Gabby do and well good morning. All right Debbie what we're doing because Nixon TV news anchor gonna play a game and I have. A horrible thing for here stalled if you're watching this news person what you were you watching. This is represented a song gonna mention our. I can present example the first one Lester holt hallowed be nightly news NBC nightly news coverage of how to get that went easy on right yeah. I know is does he Q I'm. And Gabby by the way he struggles on any of these and you know what please you know help women you know I'm into having helping out Israel all right Kent Brockman who. Let's see ominous taking guess is that Simpson's Simpson's is correct. How about Murphy Brown which it was Murphy Brown no. Three Murphy Brown was at Murphy Brown just yeah. They're nervous as I was I over think that a little bit I have this young guys are Ron Burgundy. All day. I'll get emails it how about Ted Baxter. Gatti want to trash I think I know this I do not allow. This is old school Mary Tyler Morris then you go to. I thought this guy's a weather guy from one Polly Williams oh yeah. Right why is it South Park you sense it's not okay. Yes they know. Exactly and animation yes Walter Cronkite honey Gabby knows once I got a lot again and sold schools CBS evening news print you know. Okay uncle Walter. I'll give you one last one here will match the boy I don't follow our news room yeah yeah. I congratulate just jabbing you Gabby UN does make you Wallace and you helped him out there by the way. Ozzie you're gonna go check out Scotty mccreery February 10 Kirby center today.