DOC SHOW AUDIO: Wanna Look Like Freddie?

Thursday, March 1st

Doc announced he plans on going to his class reunion but was concerned he wouldn't look good enough. Freddie told him how he achieves his good looks.


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They did commit to my high school reunion oh. Console it's going to be that quick from high school re my five year reunion coming. My fortieth. There's going to be an April. Have never been want to never gone. Ultimately you know I'm telling me you wanted going. Last spent all of my high school reunion icy reach up and FaceBook. Mine went actually a cart delicacies like your records in May right. I can find you there is looking for money he had no secondly pay this money when there was endless hooligans will always looking for donations well north com. Pretoria started looking into some people went to high I don't know I think that I saw while I'm not that good shape okay I'll go now you know. In the back of my mind it's like hey if I'm the most pathetic looking more like a but I found that a lot of the coach what can I. I love when people ask me hey man how do you look so good we have to do well it's sleep about six hours a week there. Crappy S food triggers your body like a second rate amusement park behind. David baseball fields and he'll look young and wondered if all I go to the gym tonight vitamins you look like a train wreck I'm sorry to say that.