DOC SHOW AUDIO: Valentines Day According to Freddie

Friday, February 9th

Doc asked Pharah and Chase Senior from Newswatch16 is Valentine's Day important to the younger generation? Freddie chimed is about dating as a teenager.


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You guys are both right Republican that the younger people in the studio single gathright singled. I guess they'll wait until early merry go now legally you're single you're probably say okay so it's a survey about what younger people think of Valentine's Day. The survey asked him how they really feel about Valentine's Day how do you feel about it as well. Nine days defense says don't think you buying him anything and I is out of something yeah I appreciate it goes south he. Just a bit expensive for them. Right now I truly now. There are I can't say held up fingers. Intends got eighty lefty of that stuff that's too bad the listener but the result of this is not yeah I got. Food he's from the hour time for the Phillies I got a picture CNN it's a New York skyline on the top of the Phillies cannon on the bottom and it's bleeding into the picture of us. Some barely handle let's not just because Madonna can't tell them I could never do very tragic bright very talented. I'm happy I got six figures like can I just here's to. Well it's turning out here most younger people think it's total waste of time fell into. Again made up 51% of females 60% of males so they really don't care about Valentine's is just another day and I just a waste of money. Everything I was trying to be silent and I mean anything big flowers are expensive here. That first start dating somebody you know when you first start gaining Sonny and I go back to remembering my as a kid so I'm semi human here's a deal it was a lot of fun Valentine's Day was something a look for a few now it's hit if you didn't have any cabbage and you want to do something and you were worried about is this new girl you were dating was like. What's the word I'm looking for. What's the word I'm looking for that goes with gas she was a bow. Things and stuff where senate. Girl Madonna give. Outside like that but it was a lot of fun man it was fun watching our reaction of a girly redeem himself accused of good news. Once again there it really doesn't matter man there's a hallmark or like securities on the way home. There's always gonna. Maybe some like heart shaped box hard candy they can just grab the media like semi dead flower then what happens if the guys who used to be on the exit ramps that we do sell your cars again they're still around there is some of those guys are really cool to if you meet them they're just as schools of fireworks guys how to assign. I think it's just like you gotta get to know them ask more questions and you'll be surprised knowing you're younger where did you take your girlfriend TI. Lobster trap baby don't lobster trap on route six with her. Any go to look cool movie like get the view my mall which was a groovy time in the idea head back north south road behind the B Levy's. Warehouse there and anything else talk about Valentine's Day it was just like somebody got tickets are on Valentine's if I ran a great time ever I am a romantic. I that you picked up behind. All you young guys to learn a couple 23 things about a singer turned I was really resume their in this gun no that's long dominant. I think it's something else about the Vietnam wall fear zone now there. I was close the damn lobster traps and a lot of good times 125 bucks you live like Mickey Kantor.