DOC SHOW AUDIO; Throwing the "D" Card

Thursday, March 15th

Everyone has meetings they don't want to attend and we were talking about the most common excuses used by people. Jessie has one she wants Doc to use for the next Promotions Meeting. He wants no part of it.


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River Wednesday revealing here it's. A promotion meetings talk about your contest of ideas for things wanna do great musician even a bunch of radio people. And let's just say that we ever really hard time focusing now gonna go in different directions Jesse start where you try to focus on one of the main thing is wanna talk about a different conversations are in the room frank nothing really always have to accomplish at these meetings are taking an order a lot of times on Wednesday morning some light on. That meeting today nearly what we do excuse to get out now before you tell would be. Suggested for reviews and yeah here's. I was looking on brutally excuses people used to go to work so I must you're really dedicated to enhancing between. Or try to bail might have some answers your pick guys but he's again on the the building you're gonna know I don't think I think point. Hum so a lot of these are people calling from home with a one. Avoided meeting. The toilet overflows I mean I can happen in the house and and here's one last one. Are you running in the park join us in good shape you tripped over our roots sticking up for retreat you went down doctor told 24 hours. Guess after three everybody knows that you're not running and why don't think there's so. But I have a good idea being compared to yesterday I said he's just. This is this material and other dietary. I'm not commit to your would you do that for meeting if you wanna go and even if you did. It listed sometimes you have to use drastic measures man because some people won't question something's. So you really have to throw him out how many spare tires and how many times can you grandparents died first of all this could really how many times can have a blown out tire. I don't know but how many parents grandparents can I go through especially in my. Until I in his stomach few weeks ago now and it is like 67 quicktime prior to our. Drumming yeah vehicles are coming out the mouth burglars doesn't sound too good I get that but you'll be as dramatic peak cars. I'd like had to homer explains you. What was going on in I body see you actually believe it yeah. That policy which by the way you know what I learned just a proving his point because some people like all right all right all right I don't when he or any details I don't hear about what led you to this dry heat right I take today. No problem at Jesse says I don't feel like every golf. I can't I really guides you every gory detail how it would play on my conscious of things. You would think that I was flying out of that's why you pick something like stunning die or re just whenever he wants the senate conference room with somebody else might beat. You know yeah well a variance in Hershey squirt I. There are looking at the projector flip flip charts and whatnot during a newsroom nervous when I czar Gil earlier you wanted to open the door to the kitchen and this makes on the porch where anything can happen to. They're snakes got this whether it.