DOC SHOW AUDIO: Through the Eyes of Babes

Monday, July 2nd

Freddie's daughter Gretchen arranged some of her dolls to make them look like her family. The doll representing Freddie was Guy Smiley from Sesame Street.

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I love the picture that your wife hosted over the weekend. Yeah. The idea of what my family looks like this guy who was in the picture and there's a picture of the beautiful woman who was my wife Barbie Barbie it's a Barbie dumped. The little baby which is my aunt and also view is that a Barbie doll to the same thing. And it is still and then there's a daddy doll. Elizabeth daddy it's a guy. Guy smiley with a microphone for women over sister Esther now yeah now rarely lately and Nash just found a doll she found a dollar. I honestly didn't get into the Alley cat. A garage sailors on my that's my daughter my wife thought it would be funny to buy a guy smiley golf at a garage sale in girl. For my daughter it's basically not around him the wrong again that's a wonderful if she gets a kick out of we're kind of still like caddies. But might this affect.