Tuesday, June 12th

For PBR tickets, Doc wanted to sing "Horse Songs" for callers to win. For some reason that made Jessie hysterical.

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And have a problem Harrison were conscious already pretty doesn't sing this morning and it's for a the other tickets right DVR thing. Going on where your right here. My agent hunt airing September 8. And as I look at it I have a song in my mind what I'm saying. As best I can but that I realized way to Memphis may have vastly nothing to do I was trying to be cute and creative came in altogether. So have you with a forests and it was gonna work and there. Their horses DVR thing in my got to be one horse and it's clear from their horses sometimes bull riding right yeah they're like a horse that goes around like when they pick up the cowboys I have like out courtesy orders are no female. Owners I like that I don't think Dan a boulder right around the things now be better to better tomorrow another realizes. Shall we won twice in literally got eight different pressure on any doubt I don't have gone yellow no but I don't know the mound. While. And should be taken and taken a show at seven seconds that would be wonderful if he could jump up on a ball that would be great shock and I. So do I think that would be wonderful president Jerry thinking this might even if we get one of those tags with a couple ropes in just. Some on the side might you sit in the middle that would be cool pretty good gonna break you know it's all over and you have to shoot me I don't know I'm there we can trade Joni jazzier somewhere. It would be a problem mom get an event revenues and value my for a song so this is not a country song your son and away from June whose editor Horace. It's a huge bill Owens and of the dramatic quickly eaten. Ontario. You mean like lady of the evening saw. What we're just funny were you with. David I think here actually what you were saying there. All right let's song you were right but there's a horse mentioned in this song. You figure of one of singing here but I don't know the words either so the whole bunch of horse something else in this studio this morning do. I every hour. And you don't just tell love Freddie is going to be like. Bureau usually used it since. And move. The cool mood. Good song. Freddie knows that I do. I know exactly what it really does not serve he noted this. Actually sounds like he was singing to throw feedback that the fact that. There's a recall or a song for those were things.