DOC SHOW AUDIO: St. Jon Changes the Water Filter

Friday, July 13th

We're learing that Doc, Freddie and Jessie's husband Jon are not the handiest around the and point!

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Yes so there's a big projects happening last night with my husband she started it without mean him on the phone I now have fans aren't a guarantee bank to manly men and and July and Freddie and I. It's more antibodies. Come over now so here's the background yesterday I was getting my hair done and John Paul's me and he says pay eighteen year. Way home to stop a Wal-Mart and get flu strains still icon known Mike I don't think I know Monica home because I know that I'm locking into a proud. At this point so you're trying to be a great husband and replace the water filled her bodies choice and try to be easy is a great husband and when he was like right to go above and beyond any and brightness. A light came on a few days ago and in my head I you know I need to get this done. Harris Allen Jesse earlier this morning so I have same deal or real low water filter we have to change because of of upon that we have and so I bought like three filter is now it's a year and a half ago and the goal is every six months is supposed to change I don't have a light on my emitted every six months is supposed to change it's like put an instructional stuff for myself and my sons you know if anything ever happens to me here's how you do it. That was a year and a half and I still haven't replaced the first one and I can't imagine how much sludge isn't there right now and I should do it this weekend but I MA got a story on Monday yeah. I don't like him and replace this one again I mean we didn't even ask for that actually had contractors working on our basement and the one Dalia Heilman he's like hey I put water filter on the house yeah I think. Here's what you got to do man just give up on yourself now I did a long time ago listen I'm a lot happier for it. The relationship and you the same way with your hands a lot in me yeah don't. Wars and the man don't force it a college friend somebody worth I have to bite the bullet throw around some cabbage I got to do a book listen except yourself embrace your self rule with a rolled you have it's really not that bad men should really not that bad. I normally do race I know my limits but I thought to myself they found YouTube in the instruction there. Yeah John yeah order okay part of not being able to be handy has to do with you can't comprehend simple instructions either implicitly that if they choose some way of instant gratification. It is not gonna work for you guys ever taken from me ban -- strap on your saying yeah that's been my brother live did a great job I.