DOC SHOW AUDIO: Sharla McBride Chats Designated Survivor

Monday, May 8th


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Front you know deduction which Jesse and today we're talking to Charlotte McBride produce what sixteen because sixteen of the channel sixteen employees have ports and designated survivor had to get that. Executive producer contact casting company and that being tackled her being tight that Kirk. Quantico start at the bit on the show until all thirty EDT that they are easy to work when I say and they liked Eric Scott FitzGerald yeah they have to cut it stuck what that's been really really. Aren't so you're nationally this isn't just a regional thing where they use local these people for each region never lacked national federal lands however. So you get like a new fan base like do you hear from people. You know what's funny might aliens are technically accurate it was all over the plate taxes Georgia health or yeah and on at different but I haven't accurate ears that they'll contact you get a I was lucky I couldn't work. You're in the adult may make money from acute attack because members. Back to street actors guild to vote on the stock alert every year's best actor rest doctored up that. Shy I don't know if you noticed the dock is a former members. Wait wait till you start getting the movies from them every time you after view the movies and gets you become the biggest head on your. Yeah yeah fat in December all is that it all of these Easter coming our house looked at my husband like are we paying pretty quickly. Movie. So designated survivor down to you final episodes did ABC agree to sign up for another season. Agassi he hasn't officially hear all of that shows by it and it was the number one show and getting rid of say they have such great start keepers Ireland to be able any. Honestly I really nice person as well. He seems that way when I was watching the interview we just you know rated about the people of northeast. He excel ninety corporate Oakley for our interview look at this at CNET it was signed by act locked into the earth and it couldn't stop apologizing hot and the Angel humble Coppola talked to me he actually creeping to the about screen and then he's that he didn't hear a few times he had friends from here he loves the Poconos there's really thought. Scully. I know he's been a few times a huddles on main street wilkes-barre that's like newspaper restaurant when he's in the area. I didn't know that yet he was wonderful honor guard and the producers they were to grade and it is currently finding an incident either that which. Got incredible. It's big right to look like the size of a warehouse. It's you know act that they actually beating the exact dimension from the outset look at where property and building and and you go in I'd be declare a replica of the White House. Sure I am a personal question for you know I talk all the time like a big dork I just admire how you and Scott Shafer are always coordinated. You call him when you get ready for work for the day and tell him what you're wearing an award is T have like a huge closet of tides and then he coordinates with you when you get to where. Really good morning right and the attacks are milk and attack every record -- I had pretty specific statement like I can't deal and light blue today because he was great and like five or six Thai music is going to be matched and out but because she like knows my outside. Don't tie up like that but let no one with a dot. Exactly you're talking them out he tried to yeah I'm not exactly get really excited critical than ever do that like her pick their acts from that time and he has cut the wire and he didn't like he etiquette masks and he has to rip at home. I love that we gear up our Charlotte thanks so much for giving us some time this morning we'll see on the news later on today. They are calling in thanks for watching that means they're either at the so under on it.