DOC SHOW AUDIO: Sean's 21st Birthday Dinner

Friday, March 16th

Doc's son Sean turned 21 in Thursday and the family too him to dinner to the Ovalon in Hazleton. Sean wanted Surf 'n Turf but Doc brought that to a halt!


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The last night was the other family taken John offers first thing in Arizona with first reveals no answer is replaced Kobe all the law and in hazel too which is our biggest concern over and restaurant which he's never really wanted to ever go to but because you know it was his first day I want to work hard. My cards and letterhead ovitz and thinking so we get a look at the menu and he's like oh. I had every so for me he's like when he gets this somewhat but he really well and they look at these forty servants are 65 dollars we'll play and you're not getting that. Kobe something else on the menu you're right my. If he was more really busting me realize right so happy when he and they got terms and you know like spaghetti and meatballs I've. In a at a nice restaurant. You feel bad for me I know he should get paid chicken parmesan instigating this was mind. So how much is just beginning parts I was about like fifteen dollars for some Lincoln on Shannon's point two million electric car again. Bill what time is years ago Krista my son the girl he was your dating at that time or the surface surface company it is. Told her. Yeah her drop primary known on the other hand offering shined in a couple of drinks so. He had a couple of Beers plus a couple of loggers say Sony is gonna start right back at times the amount and you see him. Because he said that he only says originally was always start with a martini. That's what's wrong with you yeah. And marching you know because there always is trying to. Like someone that's from your muscles that he can very thing we wanted to ask a civilian or getting in any event and then he was funny just yeah a couple of Beers and he was because. And it was overall a good time and you're Julia wanted. What she gets from stamping machine ever hit germs every she loves shrimp catfish and like it I'm like well. It's really not enjoying this ought to come without growing up I. At the box that's going home with us when Michelle Leslie Michelle I would feel bad for her because she always like I'm beneath them before it goes this way can only order like. Only signal a baby gotta order so you want. Oh no no let them get some tarmac though like you put a limit on the hill at at at you know Michelle I don't want 120 dollar. It's all about you and that it was celebrity sighting I believe though she's our. Because should be considered states' representative. Terry Joseph hill. Ouster of their trailers a surprise for the party going on should know me but done. Sean played around and that should tell their referral fairways are so I mean free delivery hurt either place was mobbed with celebrities. Yeah as soon as your final bill you will render a pub pub was reversed your hair but the big chicken parmesan. But it was bad overall it was a 105 dollars only a matter of yes I've we have clustering for awhile you get emotional let's you beer inside one beer and everybody else and I'll be your water soda. Find such amazed fifty places to go to television earlier said. I.