DOC SHOW AUDIO: Sea Monkeys over Tomagachi's!

Thursday, October 12th

Jessie was too cool for Tomagachi's...she was rockin' the Sea Monkees!


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Good news if you're ninety skate everybody's favorite virtual pets atomic god chief reverted back in Japan for the last week break and then it's coming back. Here in December 70 and eighty. I can't believe that ending aides coming I could never mind till limb and my friend calling around nine. I had sea monkeys that I got to live and she got her quick. He went nineteen years I don't see monkeys are from like the sixties yeah well listen I'm I'm pretty well I would like follow the light and stuff. I have them in my window yeah. We're flying out by the law and Nicole have turned nineteen year old Tom my god she and I didn't know I. Honestly didn't know my mom never believe me it was in her pocket and make sure the pool. That's how I got T shirt did this year and my husband is he's yeah he's seen in my opinion all over the rotten luck with the puck well bad. Nice I know I and. She muggings earlier you seek that was trauma center. You know and now seem like he's turned. And so really upset about those delegates my mom never believe that I didn't do it on purpose because I was jealous that she can get her is eleven my client so really of -- your parents what you're such crap as a kid I used to love the yeah. If you use your imagination. Totally fun. And irresponsibility. O'Neal totally blown away that you're excited that it's coming back by I feel not only by the way you are grown woman who's carrying a child I don't.