DOC SHOW AUDIO: Ronald McDonald House Benefit

Monday, August 6th


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We have our second annual robot family -- five -- benefit the -- McDonald house -- really exciting last year we put almost a thousand people at the orchards and benefit the -- McDonald house feel we do is we do a five K and it's a whole day of events we actually bring back all of the families that have stayed at the Ronald McDonald house to me and we do a reunion right afterwards so it's a great day of running walking marching if you'd like in that we do a lot of great stuff -- out the whole park is open free of charge by the wrote a family to benefit the Ronald McDonald house and you're seeking people -- natural as early right it's really the start of the season three -- there really is they've opened it -- weeks early just so that we can have our reunion and put on -- benefits you know be able to do more things for Ronald McDonald house tell us a little bit about Ronald McDonald house if a child is sick are seriously injured at the Ronald McDonald house -- keep a family close whether it's inside the Ronald McDonald house. Pennsylvania it's one of those things a lot of people do not think about it it is available you're like oh my goodness they are to receive them but they're not nearby ailing king traveled from home and you're talking about you know some people coming from partisans. Fifty states have stayed with us many provinces 38 countries around the world have stayed at the round on a townhouse right here in Scranton found but also on top of that the Ronald McDonald family room you could just live a block down the road and your child is in the hospital and you can walk out of your child's bedroom and right into the run on the channel family room and enjoy all the conveniences all the help that we give at the Ronald MacDonald house inside the hospital really need living room dining room kitchen and food couches TVs Wi-Fi everything that you do need and you could stay close in a little bit more comfortable right next year child. I was telling you earlier I had an experience with the Ronald McDonald house and I was younger my sister they shot had some sort of disease and they wanted to do some further testing Indian health so they put my family and I up in the Ronald McDonald house and it was just so wonderful for my parents to being here I am kind of take our mind off of all of the little things in need to worry about along the way so it's wonderfully as. And that's say I had a family save us a little while back and she said it's a much better than me she said route on the townhouse takes care of all the things that you have to worry about seat that you can concentrate on taking care of your child and that's the truth and that's that I have experienced as a child I've experienced it as a father to experiences with Ronald McDonald house and now as the director I see it over and over again we we really do try to take some of that burden off keep mom and dad close to their child in at the same time provide everything that they'll need free of charge so. Let's talk about it again the apple orchard five K it's coming up August 11 at 9:30 in the morning sway federal registration fee for people just come that morning or are we somewhere they go online and register. Real simple are am H five K dot com you can register right there are made five K dot com the registration is 25 dollars and if you register just one registration your entire immediate family your whole council can come to the orchard experience everything cook out rides everything free of charge and I Reynolds thanks so much Richard Bradshaw the big cheese sort of speak about the zero mental house thank you so much for coming in this morning thanks for opening threats.