DOC SHOW AUDIO: Romance Novel Roulette

Thursday, February 22nd

Doc & Jessie came up with a new contest to win Miranda Lambert tickets called Romance Novel Roulette. The caller picks between three books and chooses a random page. When Jessie reads the first paragraph, if there is no filth, the caller wins. But if there is, we go to another caller.


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Right he went on good morning news says its parent hey Shannon where you Helen brown. Her courage and were playing game called romance novel relents and Jesse in front of her has screamed almost you're gonna tell Wal-Mart yesterday for the title of this spring and Jessica. Pregnant nine and CEO. Claiming his secret and hair and contract Bryant any of those excites you as far as books to win the tickets here aren't bad either K I'll see this. And yeah that's I don't know the worst part about this contest is I had to Levy. And it must watch and going to be alone in front of him. The worst drivers check in on a Wal-Mart yesterday and I'm standing the right time. I didn't sound check out about spent annually judging our Genentech a page OK any did you want to renovate their seventies here are some good go to 72 Jesse's gonna re the first paragraph. Seven Ichiro says there's something really dirty and filthy Amir you do not win but if there's not you do when memoranda lever tickets and pay any. After less than a minute of silence and Jackson are cleared his throat. Is everything okay which is why I'm Derek didn't look it was the U. Universal sign for me I'm now thinking news Jackson would ignore it only EU would answer that played Jackson walked into the office. Sat in the chair across from Derek without waiting for an invitation. I meant he. Thank you in general trend I didn't hear anything filthy marriage so you when the current leverage against. Oh my god I'm so excited yeah Charlotte Christian gonna be there at. Well minus any concern at the Bryce Jordan center guys.