DOC SHOW AUDIO: Remembering Her Birthday

Tuesday, July 31st

A new survey suggests that if a man forgets their woman's birthday, it could lead to break up. We decided to test this theory with Freddie.

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Our new survey by one poll says that Joseph a lot of things in families fight about have to do with birthdays for example Freddy what is very owns first thing. If you could get back. Larry. Very Venezuela January 26. I'm coming into an unfettered and February and February. 5 of February temporary crown. Turns out it men more than women forget their wives birthdays along the way. We have to track a listen carefully a monthly yes the problem give us hit a couple days album until February certificate. If river February 20 you know seventeen when your anniversary is actually similar lines anybody faced a couple of February 20 always done and and and and and now. There you know it's may 24 because that was the day that Bernie Williams had his number retired. I think that our members who wonder anniversary year. We've actually got married on the day well not on the exact date that the number right right everything that was a huge significant things that I remember my wedding day because that was a big thing. The retirement ceremony for the number so I always that's right. My wedding. Producer of sugar is forgotten era Parkersburg papers is just 24% of women in this thing as a result is surprised arguments break up and breakups happened especially good time one in five and had a fight as a result of forgetting a birthday. In another troll for sort of broken things off entirely. And after verifying about forgetting Bertha. Kinda like yeah. Not really was related to other things I I believe it was building up for a while like other things.