DOC SHOW AUDIO: Ready For Some Racing at Pocono?

Tuesday, May 22nd

Ben May who is the President of Pocono Raceway joined us this morning to talk about all of the exciting offers with the Pocono 400 which is coming up Sunday, June 3rd.

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How naroff food as a should be fast Freddie. Probably one a one time saver traffic right pretty 729 over news once exchanges senators yesterday cloudy and rain and thunderstorms around this morning. Will be around seventy later on 57 still got rain around the area here for our do you wanna watch. Analysts say hi to our special guest at Ben may who is the president Allred pocono raceway and thanks for coming in on this beautiful morning van did thanks for having me it's it's quite nice out there and yeah but you know what it's gonna be beautiful here soon and numb one of the biggest attractions here in northeast here especially during the summer is a racist that are going on at pocono. Yeah that's absolutely were fired up by June 1 in the third pocono 400 NASCAR weekend. Weeks from this week I'm telling. Him it's showtime this. As it's a week earlier this year right. It is a week earlier and down you know on a day like today you know worth mentioning we have our worry free weather guarantee so anybody who purchases tickets from pocono raceway in the outside chance we get a little if she weathered from Vietnam poke Mary's true refund you no questions asked rescinded check in the mail so bio with confidence. Don't worry about the weather come on out and visit we've got four packs of it for 99 dollars for Sunday's NASCAR race and you know we'd love to see her body of the track. That's extremely cheaper that way because I remember years ago just to be immigrants and you are looking to go back a few years but I mean it was like 9900 dollars for one seat. No hot dog and nurture. Yeah absolutely week to reach are really hard you know we're filming on business we've been in northeast Pennsylvania for sixty years and you know we mourn everybody come and experience NASCAR racing and we think we have a quite silly bring your family bring the kids bring friends and enjoy a nice day with. Well the crazy stuff going on in this world it's good to relax and to sit back to wash your race cars. Oh you're so nice you just put a sign up for me when I drive and as the dog's legs and a sign in my pin these guys of the nicest guys servers Coca. So there is a great story there right up Matt Healey was our our founder and Andrews medio his wife and inducted passed in 2012 and Andrews is still a founder and not in chairman emeritus. So when she drives in. She pokes her grandchildren and says thank. I built this place to where's my now. The place and self taught me it's our recess here a couple of weeks Siri do no better with the state police for sunny day camp special needs kids and now you guys are kind enough to give them a whole section two years. You know over by the garages and that area but how much land we talking about pocono raceway is a pretty big area. Sure yeah we're about 2500 acres the racetrack itself is a two and a half mile triangle so the only triangle. You race on in this country we've there's one in Sweden or someone else but in this country the only triangle two and a half miles. 20203. Miles an hour top speed for the for the monster energy cup cars and you know a couple of things we have going to mention the kids we have built a new inclusive playground and our infield about 5000 square feet. For our campers we don't we have a dog parks if you're coming to camp a post race went on you know we want you bring your pets we understand you can't leave your pets and kids at home I guess you could but that's your that's your decision very humble we wanna make sure that when your come indoor play issue. You can have all your comfort you can do everything you wanna do without any restrictions just announced yesterday tractor trailer parking is available this year. I'll say we know I think a lot of lot of truckers have their limitation where they can't go. And you know bring their rigs in the right. To go to war during his right leg and what am I gonna do I can't park can take a shot also. How parking lot for those folks. Homers and we are trying to do into your form we have over 2000 acres we have room to do this and we wanna do and it's the right thing to do. An infield that's of the parties that any of the parties that you can really that. No doubt Aslan at this point last year I was here we had was Eli younger and yeah since forgot to introduce them onstage and then just meeting people assault friend there who then said oh come with me we just met this family from Dallas much of dentists. For me area and they heavily to daycare purse. Next thing you know we're part of this family had never met these people behave I don't thoroughly your name goes raising funds for all right but I mean all kinds of food and every and that and everybody's like that he would feel it's like one big fan. Similar it's true you see then and now you've here now have as if I've got more involved in what's going on there and your mother camping crowd. You know the ticket off this group is town there's people that request to be back next did you know I think fencing dossier doc every year at pocono raceway and then they've become Palin become friends and and they have this group so it's. It's kind of a neat camaraderie. I'm trying to work my way back into that same party that's why Barbara thank UN and Taylor yeah. Yeah they have an energy guys are listening repentance and Alice are more happy go hang out so you got obviously big races the other 400 eatery Saturday also tossed tells but the whole weekend. We do we have NASCAR extended east series so pocono green to fifty recycled by JP mascara when suns another great pocono. Northeast PA family business. So they've been instrumental in helping us with a sustainability efforts on the thinks Kennedy as a race. On Saturday 1 o'clock in the relatively new to token all right it's only been the last couple of years for trinity yeah as soon as severe third race. Own and Friday we have the up and coming stars of the Arco racing series. By the way they'll move about the same speed I know what you wanna be our Teresa's years ago and I'm like okay is not what I expect these guys are okay. No they're not really any slower it's you know it's that that fine line between opportunity I thought I. If your way up and talent yeah absolutely that is pulsar and you also brought gifts here I tell her body was in the envelopes right and all kinds stuff of club seats we have pre race conserved passes with Steve smoke learned. Driver intro passes real driver introductions on the racetrack itself so you can stand on the racetrack armed feet away from the Jimmie Johnson's. Oh on isn't. Brian Delaney gem for the uranium to go so you know he can still itchy had to do with them giving your friends from Dallas the death the resident. Or call us out of the woodlands what are. We're gonna look simply have now won 8057010131. Electric stuff that's been maes talking about president real quick. So you just became president of pocono raceway last July here. Did not Jesse let me ask you this too we didn't mention anything. Then you expect like an older bald headed man walking me and I look like a little cooler and trim and he about me on my hair be turning grave and keep an eye. And I respect I don't know at all. Oh congratulations overlook him for a truce or it were a week. Just pretty much okay. Little ways away me yeah took the first race absolutely June 3. June 1 through the third that gracefully dot com tickets are at a 45 dollars and 99 for the four pact they go man thanks so much for coming in this morning everybody appreciated are at 735 instruct you wanna once. The stock show what Jesse continues on Friday 10 line.