DOC SHOW AUDIO: Pregnancy Parking is for Pregnancy

Wednesday, October 4th

Even though Jessie is over 8 months pregnant, she insists on parking in a regular spot. So, who parks in the "Mommy to Be" spaces?


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And maybe that's making parents are feeling now all I. Just kind of stocking up and getting ready for the baby and they always Sunday is expectant mothers stork parking spot. Over eight months pregnant I'm still I don't know what to hang on fifteen to sleep a little bit embarrassed to use scrimmage. I feel like somebody else needs the spot more than before yesterday now the sun and into the grocery search and same thing it says this spot is reserved for expectant moms or parents. With small children through tuchman on the Friday FaceBook page and I said. Is this stream or to use them drier pregnancy. And so many months agreed that they actually don't use these spots and it feels like. A lot of moms are saying that the best spot in the parking lot is actually the one next to the cart practice. Because you're able to pull out the cart but your kid in the cart put all of your stuff the diaper bag in your person whenever. And then go about your way whereas if you're. Pulling her kids through the parking lot into the star and then trying to get the car and it it just becomes a little bit chaotic didn't show you suddenly she was pregnant. I think right towards the end. You know we know drove right in the ninth month and stuff like that but it and I and I agree with your may have and there are a lot of women don't use them. Or woman who maybe a couple of months pregnant doesn't look credited your body else is probably just kind of fell Boise. At one point when I was like Mary Neely I don't like hey we should prepare like I will kill you if you part and that's not you make sure you Wear something tight if you Nagin he's facing a much of Leon and but I see the same thing with like handicapped parking. And I news about the end here always bothered me he had surgery so he got a temporary. And I have pardon him or his surgery is long gone long gone now. I know and you know we just really for concert or something all the Sunday which I think outputs have been hurt any supply and taken part close and I'm like yeah somebody else gives yet but I have writing a sentence it's still yeah. That way you know but he still that of course and I didn't go with the Allentown. That bothers me that somebody's who's doing something wrong not doing anything. Wrong if you're pregnant your park in one of these spots. I external my hang up as but I MasterCard and in the what are your guy and he had a big beer belly. Can you take the pregnancies are now one guidance and our Friday FaceBook page she says that. In his life is very pragmatic and held park and that's spot but he said that it's because he then helps her load and unload the car. And there is some kind of stick his foot putt there. See you go through it. I'm glad park wherever I have to park at any time it's just really doesn't matter but I think it's cool that they provide a parking studies I ask Cuba. Why would you be embarrassed your prey non time to time. The UNL but so I I would do that and I think that's somebody else needs like I'm not gonna let it had a healthy pregnancy rice that's great and we're. That's why it'll. I'm not in pain or any things I just feel like why don't they get caught anybody that's having a bad pregnancy I think it's just a courtesy for people that are like in so let's say the third trimester I mean it is tough to get up big get around in you need help to against I don't hear cars and if you're the first of their sound like you're knocking someone out there has. Play a bigger belly or further and the beer bellies I notice or non obvious. That's awesome but I've also noticed that babies. Those spots are always open and I am at babies. Poorer for you know just marked their regular please only use a mile under the deal man I mean why you are pregnant. Take advantage of that courtesy it's a great courtesy there's going to be embarrassed and I had about another month now stuffing a pillow under your shirt and you are trying to go on the conjure up any gift for somebody else then it would be quite embarrassed like you are actually pregnant I think it's a Smart move because they are very baby and pregnant mother or should I. Why don't physically about that this should be pregnancy and newborn because yeah when you have the baby in the babies you know newborns a year usual. You've got to take. Her out of the car you have to only six fascination almost like you've parked there at that point oh wanted to grocery story says and for parents of small children now a lot of moms are saying they use it more. Now that they have small kids vs they're pregnant. But I want checking news I think for my son Christian who's kind of small for his age now he's 27 but he is sediment SC dock golf course you can look at probably sue me because they have like one of those side apple action type beards things going and of course it doesn't really have to give up the war combat if you want to pull off the baby itself.