DOC SHOW AUDIO: Pick Your Poison

Tuesday, February 20th

Doc & Jessie had Miranda Lambert tickets so they played "Pick Your Poison" putting Jessie and Freddie up against eachother.


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Rocky 100 mourning his best part of the barrel we want you representing you here because this makes or breaks when you see Miranda Lambert are gonna take credit hour. The smartest man in the world you know actually debate so Harold you and Freddie got to get three of these right Norton went and got us little guys pay attention now I. Africa Africa I hear a young person number one Ed O'Neil Katie sick all Christina Applegate David fussy or actors on which TV show married with children laughter. That's for DeMarre Carroll on the old 33 mr. vinyl albums went to the letters LP stands for on all of and I got this way they got a it is. Like Butler apparel the other guests no I don't means long lag. Well I I'll tell you got one right next question what you guys as multiple choice did he get out FaceBook and hey if you look at the one your. Poitier does Julie Underwood and put your Jerry underwent an American Idol was in 20052006. Or 2007 I'm gonna pick it definitely eighth 2005. 2005. January oh excellent idea that what are the first few words of the declaration of independence I got this line mr. Today we the people. Yeah when the course of human events I area over the oil and big Christmas movie miracle on 34 street Chris Pringle has hired to play Santa Claus for what store you got this heralds I would think it got there override that made it crazier. You can't manage the graft. Thank you you've got you got your tickets aren't life and it's that much. Our leverage on price Charlotte Gore's son Bryce Jordan center earmarks money they're denying Al congratulations. And thanks appreciate it.