Wednesday, August 22nd


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There any DA is saying is actually a great event you're hosting your which is coming up next Thursday could talk about. The event itself first there really talked little about your house is putting together I gotta say you know yeah I think Doug you have one of the hardest jobs of the night because you have to sit on the stage as a judge and trying to decide down between these talented individuals we had twelve people they qualified and they are just incredible they're poised equality. Their performances this is really amazing. Any country singers. I have not heard I heard this election season and I didn't hear any country or are getting is we're getting some Broadway Show tunes were getting some very popular songs but I don't think you see this in the reality shows people that go to tackle these songs and we have Adele and we have some real nice classical music that. You know either know the songs work you know this their songs that have been around for decades that are very popular but the issue there I think for the contestants. Is how do you make those songs your own how do you stand out how do you really challenge that that legendary sound that you know. And you know these twelve contestants take the stage at the Kirby center for the performing arts at Wyoming seminary. Perfect to be the longest name in history from her then we wanna make very clear to that schedule is going to be hanging out on public square at the additions we had people show that hey you know I public square at the Kirby center are both very good this is the Kirby center for the performing arts on the campus of Wyoming seminary so. Other side of the river in Houston but diving on the best deal and entertainment this spring and any PA because it's 25 dollars you get this incredible show he had seen doc on stage we get we get docs feedback is part of and you're really good at judging people tell us about I don't know I just pull all the time we're actually off the air for your community and it well. I mean I don't know if you noticed that are not doc and after each contestant performed well we'll check in with you any other panel of judges you've got a great set great team of people that'll be up there on stage and you know so it's going to be this need reality style singing competition to people are very talented one of the performers actually will play piano will singing and another. Ukulele. Is there room for someone with a flute pump kind of look so pleasing as students join either. He talents I mean wow. Oh wow we're not judging me heroes is not the judgmental comers warming up prevent us having no special performance by Jesse. Imagine kernel to Michelle or would you want everybody out of the way we rely on what songs are starting to cut. Would you say God's point five dollars yeah I mean what if I Boxee get the show yet twelve singers there's gonna be is first a special performance by elements Americo who is a local guy that. That had performed on a reality show and tried out for the fourth. That there is they're gonna honored gentleman who has given a lot of reorganization costs of Lucerne county and on top of all this. Prior to the show there's a one hour cocktail reception with they wine sampling from Arnold I winery. Beer sampling from Susquehanna growing ten appetizers that'll be available more lobby so it's really going to be a nice three hour event for 25 dollars these days to have a night out. And at the end of the day in addition to a great value of the night degree entertainment and you get. To help out this organization paso Lucerne county isn't really another bonus I mean in the broke one of the whole night. They'll explain what concert as well casa stands for court appointed special advocates are essentially. These are volunteers that represented children in need they may be children that were neglected indoor abused and and perhaps removed from home. Kids that are stuck in the Foster care system doctor and you have some firsthand experience with for the adoption and you know there are now on us tomorrow 450 kids in Lucerne county bad need of families. That number is astonishing and what's sad is we're talking about kids that they just are looking to have someone that you know be amends for their life a good good figure you know some of these kids have never seen the ocean they have never gone out for a nice dinner. And so these are kids that are really in need in a lot of different ways and a lot of times a lot of the basic things that we all take for granted that they don't get to experience. So there's a big need in Missouri county for people that can volunteer. Andy's casa volunteers in particular what they do is they they kind of give kids a voice in the so we came up with any piece things. Is giving children a voice lift up their voice and and let them be heard you know what are some things they need what can people do to help them so they speak on behalf of these children that. They're trying to get suffer a loss to you know without having any family member just some of the basics in my soul really is. So you know wonderful cause they help out at the end of the day and all the money raised next Thursday night we'll go for this wonderful concert for me over the years you know we've heard so much about. Foster children and adoption and you know there's you know we just stated as a friendly. In November and why an amazing. Think it is I mean you have a new member to your family and numb. It's like the greatest thing I've ever done so. But as some of the day of the activities have volunteered grizzly in the past with the Foster kids I mean recently about a month and a half ago held a dinner that's at W Gary community generally had sixty of the children command. And you know these kids some of them. You not only have little kids BS kids in their teens are talking you know 151617. And a lot of times you get kids that age that they're they're not very respectful they may they may not appreciate anything that's. You know these kids coming in just to get a meal. We had made homemade meatballs and pasta and salad and the CD's kid's just you know really appreciate. What was happening there was 11 girl was turning eighteen. And she can have anybody December 18 birthday with the it's very very sad to. To see that and they always great to be there for her and a lot of times it's something that's simple the house someone to sit down to a meal what to have someone to celebrate a special occasion when they supported for them it doesn't really take a lot of effort that something you're just an involuntary MS you know we we wanna get the message out about Masai and you know even just fostering in general. We'll have all of those links on our website but as far as the event next Thursday had a people get tickets can you dish out the door you DNA is best viewed us on the you do you just come next Thursday evening it was the dorsal overall 5 o'clock. 530 to 63630. SARS the show and you can also go to any EP AC's on FaceBook so I have to do is go your search bar put in and EPA sings there's a great FaceBook page setup. Has all the details and events right leak upstairs to get tell your tickets right there for 25 bucks. Great night out again hoping kids that have been neglected and our views in our community to Camby to. Territory where we appreciate you get up early and hang out with a schedule to stop by and see you guys in doubt we'll see you next Thursday on the stage and that's so let me seminary kids to.