DOC SHOW AUDIO: Mr. Mahoney's "Magazines"

Monday, April 9th

Doc and Freddie had a flashback to their teenage years and it wasn't good.


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I know for you when your kid because Ximian teenager is it like a magazine in the back. There wasn't a phone was a couple. On the bed underneath the match up delays somewhere but yes or no. Mr. Mahoney recruit Gilman who lived upstairs he used to keep those magazines in the basement of our house whose landmark yeah. And rob where the pipes where you would find a whole selection in this magazines like twelve months were you bastards yeah. And Taylor Branch we found one day not really the most popular kid on the block. It was crazy man when I was a kid he'd walk all over the neighborhood and somebody would have. Somewhere. Like a stashed the penthouse or Playboy here's some doors that hollow there's zero. Highlights magazine. That it highlights and prevail mr. why does not serve as he put an entire time. Yeah this planning and and as well for you sit outside your December this funny. And shows little guidance from Iran's original house is one run on suffer another you have those the daily news there's a newspaper. Maybe hold him like he's reading and all the sudden he goes sideways like him the inside he would have the Playboy magazine open a damn them for awhile as kids who were slowly realized what was called the vote until we get older and realize tomorrow. Seven public testimony.