DOC SHOW AUDIO: Michele Takes Pics of the Menu

Monday, August 6th

Recently, Doc and his wife Michele were in Philly and stopped into a new restaurant. It was so dark inside, Michele was taking pictures of the menu with her flash going off lighting up the whole place.

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Primary mission under your slightly younger than merely say I thought she was slightly younger the may. Places like maybe like eleven years you're asking for trouble and but I was out order. Over the weekend we're in Philadelphia I'm convinced he's fifty years older than me. And here's why we go into a restaurant. And she's like oh maybe one order. You know an appetizer BI has the menu will this. Friend your restaurant so the lights are so low budget uneasy cancer almost dark it just like I can't see this if you re apply. Loudly as well she's been a tearsheet to mention the waiter no she said that's may have passed up. And I see her go for her phone. That's what he's doing just I wanna send picture to somebody of the wrong how can play I tush takes a picture of you were the appetizers on this menu and then of course you see your thumbs but she's widely you know there's you can read what. If you're still struggling with a little circle around a match. I sort of laughing our secure so holes terrible food they'll lawsuit so I mean it's just you know. Here's train the other create a completely understand I married man five years younger than me I swear sometimes he's fifty years older than. And I he needed me peacekeepers you wanna the first time for second time she wanted to do it again. She goes I would take just the picture and I'm Leon strength summaries in the flash was on no sir here's this dark restaurant now all of a good. Also most of our man yeah.