DOC SHOW AUDIO: LoCash and the "Beer" song

Wednesday, October 18th

At Guitars & Stars, LoCash was parched and needed a beer or eleven for the performers and created a great "beer" song.


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Thank you to everybody you came out last night. I enjoy that when you meet people in some of course people you see a lot of shows up and then he meets new people who never met before and everybody has story and you beat me down in the studio every day and it's just got sick yeah yeah. So when people feel like oh my gosh you're beautiful you're flying it didn't sound great. Thank you bill I heard a couple of us you know her to come look like value truly amazing and Michael and eight after the round and he did you looked amazing my. And I don't wanna hang out yeah because somebody else that he'll be here not a follower if you look amazing tomorrow night. Photographer and figure it all happen right now thanks to everybody Mary Mary brought us my god Gertrude Pollack talk where it's earned pumpkin could. And icing on them continue to I saw you walking around with some bags of thing little baby clothes tonight yeah. Kind of like family or his family got them so it's funny you know these are not the songs that you expect to hear from. When your guitars and stars that low cash they have their show going of their own. Affair and this is the one everybody is talking about. Okay where she get that cleared the do right here during compared and we need. 1230. 891011. And I'll pay form but I need gee he'll let the mayor's. He has his chance we're seeing as you can link they put a mode right here full alligators I can't get out there. They are you gone through nine won't pull the just clear that that was definitely not a number one Peter Emanuel like and here's a new single she don't get that cleared six. She also Russell's lap. It's good yeah. Please don't know. Okay appearance fee. There's. Did you have there. During a big deal. He would have played here. Look at everybody get tank photo. She's nervous because she works here she think she don't get tired Ahmanson and you would if Bob find out she got fired only so many will. Our national and joining look cash drain issue that challenge and I hear it on my goodness just totally off the cuff then we'll hopefully be it's. That should be on an album similar. I had big party song.