DOC SHOW AUDIO: A Lauren Hensley Wardrobe Malfunction

Tuesday, December 12th

Lauren Hensley from WBRE Eyewitness News joined us Tuesday morning and we were discussing Luke Bryan's wardrobe malfunction. Did lauren have one too?


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Dodger Jesse's 744 flurry Hensley from WB area Eyewitness News is playing what this morning good more delegates and modulate your singing. Fifth fifth fifth at singing a little bit off. But this friendship here in a building stuff you really enjoy the camaraderie and Carmen just one ticket she loves your dad obviously she Uighur science and I love. They're army fishing you it you know and I got a question for you. These crazy times of everything going on in the world Lou Bryan said he was on stage when you listen to him first he was on stage the other day talking about like a wardrobe malfunction that's what's happening him. The end of the state area and the thought is spreading. Hell look at the front row and all the girls are I'm news. Snowplows that XYZ man Calvin lives all my years I saw an ounce stages forgot the words. Send the wrong city that never burst down the iron fly. It was like I did a wardrobe series ends just forgot one. One small big not small that you. Oh that's would have been politically reserve fear you know gets onstage and Syria would have been pretty you ever have a wardrobe malfunction I've caused the malfunctions. And other people you have but no I've never had my own thing yeah. Now now and I wish I had it depends of what you call a malfunction because if you don't care it's not really malfunction in the first place is it desert you're walking around you might imagine you must have broken stuff like every yeah. Like anybody's never saw one in the first place really mean it depends fine. Lowering the value what you have. I've been pretty M accurately dress today. Phil and when I was a young reporter I had a blouse on and as Susan got in this studio lights. It became sheer gamble my goodness I don't borrowers and sweeps week right. Correct light run grab a jacket. But the oddly drawn from one of my friends so her name is Kara Kara thank you for making sure I was this year I won't take aren't seeing her jacket wasn't there then what happens. I think you have to pull. So we you won whose son when you're doing the morning I. You central Pennsylvania want to happen and I've learned since that into account for those studio lights ideal hold 360. Front back side left right. To make sure. Military go local pretty for TV Freddie that Jasper and I'm glad pretty for I'm under way above the blouse in the first place. From your closet now.