DOC SHOW AUDIO: Kerry Brazen Gives us a Taste Test

Wednesday, January 10th

Kerry Brazen from Newswatch 16 stopped in this morning and put us to the Taste Test for a new type of coffee drink.


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Jerry gray say from news what sixteen so like you give people test some weird things that you thank team. Oh I do and people game before it no do you know you said you're giving him the do you taste most things they do not contain me you'll drive yourself first. It doesn't contain me such reticence about like I have the meat product and they can try and then have something that's vegetarian there. Never know what's worse is when you've had the video somebody's trying its very mutates and into the system absolutely awful. We try it and eating caviar which is mean and a black CB which was disgusting brown and then this past year we did manga have an arrow star Deans of the tide and try it. But they were very aggravating or. How does our Charlotte last night here ships same prominent critics arrests are still learning he says forget stuck. I think you're still getting stuff from us are so we're reading cricket plus our eye on your running crickets and we had died chocolate coffees are raunchy. And nom it's our feeling premium on your. If you're seriously tough a tough because going to consciously celebrate a Dolly just like intelligent hastily blowback from a they excessive players and it can Mac and it's a no no wasn't good at all all right so we'll try this coffee belt tells about this topic. Secret copies so it has a mix a 150 milligrams of caffeine healthiest fats and protein. I think grams of protein a bottle athlete's feet. What do you college that copied I was in a couple years ago with a bullet this copy. OK I doubt that this is without the butter might make a good about a kiss RA this good so is this like the drink of colonials. Pray and I don't talk about O'Neal's. There it's a healthier version of the a look at coffee and I think. It's just keep you focused in the energy needed protein to keep you Fuller longer which when you drink over there and shrinking as a super coffee smooth mocha. I am that I might say. They're not bad. It's tasty Boehner tried Vanilla bean. I think touches that are being chased guys were like water there's like bill being flavored water then coughing coming to us. Did you shake it up and I thought you know maybe not. I should explain I'm out right now is brought to you like I had to shake weight over the years so I'm pretty makes up for. You have an accident on the set laughs continue when you're right. No I open a bottle of amendments to our piece last night and it has spilled all over the of life so AM AM Charlotte you have one of our production guys are just trying to solve everything. They YouTube because I would love to see that on the U do you have an online TV which I wish there was and I would put a gun fire rulers. It would be coming on futures soar that's what monies that gasoline cabbages so that's really good and which one you during that I have the unclean creamy black that blends which is to make his legs and you have to thank. There were I'd coffee with cream. Coffee with cream. Burial quack. You'll be able about the their sugary no I have a united tennis lactose free anti lactose and I. When. Get us pretty bad and there's no one has figured I out take it after him okay I would never prevail against a little secret plan. I don't do sugar in my coffee and LT obviously in that one little I go to sugar monitoring blood pumping prevented. Let's we're chaste but they they sent in this area because people now okay very essence or. That is because they were having your vote is positive energy powerful vibes nothing artificial bingo. Now who would've won that throughout the course of the day we're gonna see the changes in you hear a Rolex sign up for her. Pure focus positive energy powerful fives that's like a description of the already had he's just too into a firefighter had a Jameer crisper profile.